In Photos: Mountain View Nature Park (Tarzan’s Garden)


Mountain View Nature Park Series IV: Tarzan’s Garden


This part of the park is sort of a small tribute to Tarzan and his wonderful world. The creatures you find in this park are the characters you can find in the Disney animated feature.


A very cute couple. hehehe

Welcome to Tarzan’s Garden

Welcome Bear. I’m not exactly sure if he’s in the film. LOL

Up we go!

Wow! I like this part!

Nice lamp

A fake tree trunk. hehehe

The mighty lion

Nice view

Race dog

Nice sculpture

View from the top

Spiral Staircase

More cottages

Obey park rules!

Gorilla or Urang-utan?

To Tarzan’s home

The hunk: Tarzan. LOL


0 thoughts on “In Photos: Mountain View Nature Park (Tarzan’s Garden)

  1. I can tell that you’re used to your new cam now. It shows on your shots; very, very nice! This pkace is perfect for the kiddies. But, I must admit that I yearn to give Tarzan a big kiss, he’s my hero. lol

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  3. was blessed to be invited to stay here for a couple of days by my wifes aunt. i guess u would call her mrs mountain view nature park :P…i was astounded with the views from our little cabin especially first thing in the morning looking out over cebu towards the islands and the sea. theres not many views in the world that equal the view from the window of our little cabin, the perfect start to a lovely honeymoon…if ur reading this aurling , thank you so much for your generous hospitality , and i cant wait to return again to your lovely country..

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