Pawod: A Neglected Natural Treasure

If you’ve been to Hadsan, Maribago Blue Water, White Sands, Costabella, or any popular resort on the eastern side of Mactan, there’s a big chance that you’ve seen this pretty little watering hole just along Mactan’s circumferential highway. Visitors and guests refer to it as a ‘spring’ or ‘well’ in Mactan. The locals of Barangay Agus call it Pawod.

The Pawod Underwater Cave System is considered one of Mactan Island’s most precious natural wonders. Considered Cebu’s “only underwater cave system in an urban setting,” Pawod is frequented by both locals and curious passersby.

According to this cave diving expert, the cave system contains fossils of marine animals, boulder formations that could very well explain the origins of the island, as well as interesting looking coral rubbles.


Mactan’s Pawod Underwater Cave System is just a few meters from a major road.

In recent years, several enthusiasts have focused their attention on Pawod not only because of its unique topography, but also because of its proximity to the city proper. Cave exploration groups have also started using Pawod for their cave diving certification programs.

Local kids enjoying their late afternoon swim.

A kid dives into the deep water of Pawod.

Shot of Pawod and the main road just behind it.

The pool is surrounded by interesting looking trees.

Notice the oxygen tanks just below the tree? Those are probably left behind by divers.

Just a few meters from the main pool is a smaller pool. If you climb down through the small opening, you will reach the crystal clear water below.

But can we all please focus on the fact that the whole place is a little bit dirty?

Ok, not a little bit dirty. It’s REALLY dirty.

If I’m not mistaken, I think at one point, this area once served as a dump site.

And the gorgeous looking walls are now filled with graffiti.

And take a look at that concrete fence which supposedly cuts the property in half.

Like, WOW!

I hope the local government sees the need to keep Pawod clean and in tip-top shape. I mean, not all cities are blessed with a treasure as gorgeous as this. If this whole deal goes on, this area will be a complete trash bin in less than 10 years.

Let’s not let this natural treasure die a painful death. It can still be saved.

4 thoughts on “Pawod: A Neglected Natural Treasure

  1. Nice photos. The people who use the area are having a good time. They should take 30 minutes each day to clean the area. So simple, and rewarding.

  2. does tourist come and visit here? do you guys have some idea on how many people come and visit this place? (including locals) i actually have a project called “Tourism Planning and Development” and my group chose this place because we want to save this place from being turned into a dump.

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