In Photos: Fun Times in Ginatilan, Cebu

From samboan, we went to the town proper of Ginatilan and headed straight to the beach property of Irene’s aunt. The house was awesome. It had guest rooms and a pool. And right across the street, they have a beach house! Wow! We had the place to ourselves so it was really fun and relaxing at the same time!

This is the house of Irene’s aunt. It’s right next to the highway and it looks gorgeous.

The beach house right across the street looks perfect, too!

Check out the view of the South National Road at around 7 am!

So peaceful and quiet. It was beautiful.

The beach house sits right next to the water.

Here’s a view of the back of the house.

And check out the water!

That evening, when we went back to the house after a full day of adventure, the pool was still half-full. So, we just ate and talked while we waited.

Awesome hosts! (Irene, hubby Ryan, Aiz, and mommy)

It’s dinner time! Menudo and Sari-sari. Yum.

We decided to all sleep together at the beach house since it was quite big. At midnight, we moved to the beach house to call it a night. The place was so dark and this lone candle served as our only source of light.

Good morning! Aiz was in excellent mood!

Yay! The pool is finally full!

Ryan and Aiz taking an early morning dip.

Father and son having a nice bonding moment.

Aiz has his own private pool.

The morning girls are in the mood for a photo shoot, I see.

Here’s a view of the pool and the beach house from the guest rooms.

To the guest rooms.

Pancit cancton for snacks! My favorite!

It’s finally time to go!

One last look.

Smile! Til next time, Ginatilan!

19 thoughts on “In Photos: Fun Times in Ginatilan, Cebu

  1. Thank you for inviting the world along, and showing us this holiday,
    the photos and captions are the next best thing to being there.

  2. Hello,

    As your first published photo in this blog didn’t have caption in it…pagkakita nako…I knew it straight away that it’s Ginatilan. It’s the coastal road from Malabuyoc, or all the way from Cebu City via Barili, just before approaching the graveyard, dapit sa wala, and onto the bridge leading to Ginatilan Town Centre. Nice photo that is. You may have photos of Ginatilan Market, kana bitaw tabo matag Martes? I’m sure there are lots of viewers who would appreciate scenery and the local activities na kung tawagin natin ay…inato lang gud. Salamat kaayo. Keep of the good work. Wishing you all the best.

  3. Sorry, naa diay caption. I apoligise for ignoring it at first sight. Pasensya na ka. I didn’t wear my reading glasses then. Sorry gyud.

  4. ang tabo kada martes bibo dyud sa may Ginatilan, diba naa pod na silay tabo sa katong mamaligya and mamalitay ug baka, kanding ug uban pa, matag hwebes pod, ambot kung mao pa ba gihapon…then naay sikat nga carenderia sa merkado – JERRY or GERRY -….Ginatilan is a nice place..

  5. I miss this place a lot. I used to hang out here everyday. This prop is belong to my Aunt in Germany Esther Olores and her husband Gerhard Lehmann. I believe my cousin Ralph Boy is now residing there.

  6. Hello Irene,

    How are you? I’m so glad to see some pics of my Mama Esther house in Ginatilan. I’m presently residing now in Dubai. I used to leave in that house when I was Grade 5. It was such an unforgettable part of my life. I lost contact with my Mama Ester almost 2 years now & I would appreciate if you could give me some updates about her & Ralph. Here’s my email add:

    Are you one of the daughter of Papa Sonny Olores? Sister of Lisa?

    Thank you. Hope you will reply.

    Bing bing

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