Nanginhas sa Oslob: The Amazing Mudflats of Oslob

At four pm today, the water started to go down and the seaweeds that cover the deeper parts of the beach started to become visible. Mom decided to head out to the hunasan  (mudflats) to see if she could find some lukot. I decided to tag along and boy, was I thankful! It was an amazing experience. I’d definitely do it again!

The beautiful residents of the Oslobanon seas



A lot starfish just a couple of steps from the seawall.

Right after we went down to the beach, other out-of-towners came in hordes to see what the fuzz was all about. When the beach was completely dry, there were probably more than a hundred people scouring the beach with us.

The beach 4:30 pm

The beach 15 minutes later

The beach at 5:00 pm

5:30 pm

View of the beach and the mountains of Oslob

I’m guessing this is the excess sand that gets squirted out by whatever animal decides to bury itself in the sand.

A group of starfish (a different species) settling in the grass-less part of the beach.

A sea cucumber or a ‘balat’ in action.

This dude is called a donsol. Donsols are one of those creatures that drive away predators by squirting out dark-colored ink. Donsols produce the lukot that we were looking for.

Finally, after almost an hour on the beach, Mom found some lukot.

Dad found this strange-looking shelled-dude. I think it’s a hermit crab.

One of the tentacles of a really strange creature.

The famous tuyom or sea urchin. It has orange and blue eyes.

It’s not clear but those 6 brown things in the water are actually very small sea horses. Wow! They’re really awesome!

This dude is a kind of sea cucumber locally called bat hanginan. When it gets exposed to air, it ejects a white sticky substance.

You have to be careful, now! Some areas are just tuyom territory.

A species of tuyom with not-so-sharp needles.

I actually found a real clam! How cool!

This jellyfish was stuck on a huge rock. Poor thing.

21 thoughts on “Nanginhas sa Oslob: The Amazing Mudflats of Oslob

  1. This topic is so coooool, it reminds me of baranggay Luyang(Carmen). Manginhas man sad ko sa una. Pero di jud ko mogunit sa donsol but i eat lukot.Pics next to hermit crab is bahag2x. Mohilak ko sa una kon naay mo etsa ug bahag2x sa ako, mura manjud ug bitin.

    Hi Land, cege ko katawa sa ika unom na pics, tae nga bas.
    Jealous ko sa inyong Easter holiday. cheers

  2. These are some pretty neat photos! Nature never stops amusing me. Just when you think you’ve seen the coolest thing ever, another one shows up and even better!

  3. @Inday Myrna – wala gyud ko kabalo nga naa diay beach duol sa luyang. hehehe

    @ianne – mao lagi. i was actually swimming once didto.. paghaw-as nako sa tubig to catch some air, mao gyud akong nakita ang blue sea snake sa akong atubangan. dali dali kog languy. adrenaline gyud to. lol

    @islandcruzer – thanks. yeah. daghan pud creatures ko nakita nga karon pa gyud ko nakaila. hehe

  4. Wow! makapahinumdom man ni sa akong kaagi sad sa bata pa ko da! kada alas 3 or 4 sa hapon maoy time ting panginhas. 3 years ko nakapuyo sa akong iyaan nga maestra ug nakaeskwela sa elementarya sad sa Santa Lucia Asturias duol ra man na di ba? Nindot gyud diha Uy!

  5. hi there guys!!

    I am a proud OSLOBANON please help the BURNED church..

    you can go to the secretary at the SMA school T.L.E. building…. tnx™

    mark anthony lirasan…..

  6. hi im sorry to hear a church was burned i just hooked up with your name i was trying to search oslob becuase im going home there this coming may after many long lola is a “lirasan also”..maybe we’re relatives..(mark antony lirasan”

    nice picz!!

  7. im Nancy from Camburong Oslob Cebu .mahilig sad ko manginhas sa akong pagkabata ug hangtud sad karon peru nia naman mi puyo dere sa Cavite so talagsa ra tawon ko makapaule diha sa ato.Au unta nga atong tabangan ang nasunog natong simbaha kay looy tawon kaau wala pa gani mga lingkurana kay niule man ko niadtong May kay namatay man akong Mama.Komusta na ang tanan nakong mga class mates sa Saint Mary’s Academy batch 78 hope to hear some newas from u all.

    1. I’m from camburong also, My mother is Sereño. By the way I have an aunt living in Cavite also Carmona to be exact.

  8. hello sa tanang taga Oslob komusta naman mo tinuod jud nga mingawon jud ta ug panginhas labina kon naa ka gapuyo layo sa dagat
    kaniadto kada hunasan tua jud ko sa hunasan haron manginhas ug sa gabii sad mablo.
    ako sa Nancy nga taga Camburong

  9. sa tanang oslobanun atong tabangan nga makumpleto unta ang atong simbahan sa Oslob sukad siya nasunog kay lisod kaau nga magdala pa ta ug mga lingkuranan sa pagsimba nato .au lang sa mga may sakyanan.bug at baya magdala nga maglakaw ra ta.

  10. nindot ang mga hulagway. makaganoy nato balik sa panahon nga kita sab nanginhas sa atong baybay. am proud to be an oslobanon!

  11. i hate that lukot thing, because my family eat that.. they starting vomiting.. its not good seaweeds, its a poop of a certain creature underwater… i hate that food…

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