Catarman: The Bridge That Whirlpools Built

One of the most interesting spots in the town of Liloan is the steel bridge situated in one of its barangays calls Catarman.

Getting to the bridge is easy. Once you reach Liloan proper (read: the Municipal Hall or the Liloan Town church), turn right and just keep driving straight. You will see the bridge is less than a minute.

Welcome to Barangay Catarman, Liloan!

The steel bridge offers an amazing view of the ocean as well as the activities in the area.

Despite the current (I heard the town got its name from the strong water current,) a lot of people still frequent this section of Liloan.

A yacht docked near the Catarman bridge.

The steel bridge of Barangay Catarman.

View of the open sea from the Catarman Bridge.

Silot Bay as seen from the Catarman Bridge.

A beach resort at the foot of the Catarman Bridge.

Drop by Liloan today!

2 thoughts on “Catarman: The Bridge That Whirlpools Built

  1. My father-in-law boat is in the 8th picture. My wife and I visted here in Aug. 2005. Her father swam her as a young boy.
    jeff houchin
    Bethel, Ohio

  2. very interesting & unique pictures. My wife (who is from Kidapawn, Mindanao) and myself went island hopping last may. We arrived in Cebu then to Camotes Islands then to Palawan and finally to Mindanao. We are from Raleigh, N.C.

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