Finding Ronda’s Lapnis Spring

That’s it! This spring they call Lapnis just doesn’t want to be found! I give up! Like my first 3 tries, there was no one in the area who could point me in the right direction. Still, I decided to continue driving and look for the coconut trees near the ‘turn.’ I realized that there […]

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Falling for Lusno Falls

To tell you the truth, finding Ronda’s Lusno Falls wasn’t easy. Alegria’s Cambais Falls was hard, but Lusno really takes the cake. Although Lusno Falls is located in Ronda, a lot of people that we asked on our way swore that it is in Argao. In fact, the road-side sign which tells you where to make a […]

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Malabuyoc’s Hot Springs

  Name: Mainit Springs Type: Hot Spring Municipality: Malabuyoc Barangay: Montañeza Features: Hot Spring System (4 pool) Distance from City: 3-4 Hours by Bus Distance from Town Proper: 10 minutes Access: Bus / Van / Private Nearest Tourist Spot: Montañeza Falls Trekking Time: Less than a minute Standard Rate/Fee: PhP 20 Additional Expenses: Tables / Chairs […]

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Life Under the Bridge

I was on my way to Lapu-Lapu one day to check out a wonderful spot. Anticipating horrible traffic along A. C. Cortez in Mandaue, I decided to take the smaller roads which I knew would lead me straight to the bridge. But, as fate would have it, I missed a turn or something and instead […]

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Cebu Updates 18

Here is another edition of Cebu Updates. Cebu Updates features the latest and the hottest developments in Cebu City and the rest of the province. Most of the updates featured in this batch were taken at the Cebu IT Park and the South Road Properties. Let’s take a look!

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Weekend Farmers’ Market at the SRP

If you’ve passed by the South Road Properties (SRP) over the weekend, there’s a big chance that you’ve seen a small road-side fair at the Mambaling Access Road (before you reach the bridge to SRP.) What you saw is the SRP Farmers’ Market. (Although the fair is not really inside the SRP) Now what exactly is […]

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Discovering Pityak and the Best Chicken Tinola

The original plan was to visit the town of Ronda to check out a spring called Lapnis. The spring is quite popular among local thrill-seekers and I wanted to see for myself if it is indeed as awesome as they say. I knew that finding it would be pretty challenging, so I decided to ask Bojo to come […]

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Liog-Liog Rock: An Unexpected Discovery

Over the weekend, I traveled to the town of Ronda to look for a particular spring situated in a small upland barangay called Butong. I was able to locate the barangay but I wasn’t able to find the spring. The people I asked couldn’t point me in the right direction. To be fair, one person did […]

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Kan-Amno Falls: Boljoon’s Pride

Name: Kan-Amno Falls Type: Waterfall System Municipality: Boljoon Barangay: Lower Becerril Features: Waterfall System Distance from City: 3 Hours by Land Distance from Town Proper: 30 minutes Access: Bus / Van / Private Nearest Tourist Spot: Boljoon Town Church Trekking Time: 15 to 20 minutes Standard Rate/Fee: – Additional Expenses: – Hours: – Restrictions: – Guide/Tour Operator: No […]

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Cebu Pacific Names Juan For Fun 2015 Winners

Last July 1, Cebu Pacific flew a few members of the local press and the blogging community to Davao City for the culmination of this year’s Juan for Fun Backpacker Challenge. I was one of the three Cebu bloggers who got invited to cover the event. If you’re wondering what the #JuanForFun challenge is, here’s a […]

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Mangasang Falls: Tagbao’s Beautiful Secret

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Marven told me about a waterfall near his home that he wanted to check out. See, he lives in Barangay Guba in the highlands. If you’re wondering where Guba is, it is located next to Barangay Sirao (where the famous Ayala Heights is located.) Anyways, long story short, […]

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Cebu Updates 17

Here is another edition of Cebu Updates. The city is at its busiest due to the commencement of several high-profile projects as well as the ongoing road repairs. Also, a lot of projects like SM Seaside City and Il Corso, both at the SRP, are nearing completion. The interest in SM’s Seaside City is especially […]

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Pawod: A Neglected Natural Treasure

If you’ve been to Hadsan, Maribago Blue Water, White Sands, Costabella, or any popular resort on the eastern side of Mactan, there’s a big chance that you’ve seen this pretty little watering hole just along Mactan’s circumferential highway. Visitors and guests refer to it as a ‘spring’ or ‘well’ in Mactan. The locals of Barangay […]

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This Way to Cambais Falls

The good thing about following awesome people on Instagram is that you get to see all their awesome adventures. The bad thing about following awesome people on Instagram is that you get to see all their awesome adventures! Haha. Now, you’re lucky if moolah is never an issue and you can simply retrace their steps whenever you […]

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Love, Friendships, and Malapascua

About two months ago, I received a very special invitation from my good friends Cring2x and Dante. After years of dating, they were finally getting married. The wedding was going to be in Medellin, and they asked me if I could come. I promised that I wouldn’t miss it. Especially since I also had other interesting […]

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Hermit’s Cove: A Hidden Beauty

Two weeks ago, my cousin Onyot raved about his trip to Aloguinsan. He said that they went to this really nice beach that’s secluded and just really pretty. Since I’ve been to Aloguinsan’s Hidden Beach at least four times, I told him that I knew exactly where they went. When he showed me their photos, however, I realized that […]

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Cebu Updates 16

Here is another edition of Cebu Updates. The traffic situation in Cebu these days is unbelievable. I hope the city gets to implement the Bus Rapid Transit system soon. Like, ASAP! (And hopefully the BRT solves the traffic problem for good.) Good thing we have a couple of nice developments to keep us entertained. Let’s take […]

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Temple of Love

The Taj Mahal in India is considered one of the most amazing structures in the world. It was built because of a man’s undying love for a woman. In Cebu, a similar structure is currently being completed. Much like the Taj Mahal, this structure was built as a symbol of one man’s great love for […]

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