Rebuilding Lives

Today, my mom mentioned that she wanted to personally see the ‘tent city’ at the South Road Properties. The ‘tent city’ we’re talking about here is the site where our displaced brothers and sisters from Tacloban were relocated after they left the different ‘transient sites’ found in different parts of the metro. The ‘tent city,’ called Family Rebuilding Center, is a joint project of the Philippine Red Cross and the city government of Cebu. The tent city is located near the Cebu-Talisay border fronting the Regional Office of the Department of Public Works and Highways. The facility now has more or less 100 tents occupied by at least 60 families.


Late afternoon at the tent city.

The only information we knew about the facility was that it was located at the South Road Properties and that it was set up in a wide open space. We had no idea where it was exactly or whether or not we’d be allowed to take photos or even approach the facility. We simply just decided to give it a try. Luckily for us, the people manning the site were not only friendly, they also encouraged us to take photos and spread the word!

First look at the site and I got goosebumps. These would’ve been perfect in Tacloban.

Clean, sturdy, and dignified temporary shelters.

Big enough space in between tents.

The DSWD regional office in the background.

These tents looks really nice.

Toilet, bath, and wash area.

A very clean and sturdy-looking cooking area.

The place can get really hot in the morning and afternoon. So, kids can usually go out and play only in the late afternoon. These kids are taking advantage of the few remaining minutes to play before it gets dark.

While I was busy taking photos, my mom decided to chat up one of the residents.

And she managed to let her pose with her. Hehe.

This very nice and warm couple said that they almost died during the typhoon when water reached the roof of their home. They said they’re very lucky to be alive.

Kids playing outside their tents.

And they paused and ran towards me when they saw me taking photos of them! “Picturi mi Kuya!” they said.

If you got time to spare, please visit the Family Rebuilding Center and just say hi. Your words of encouragement can mean a lot to them! OR if your organization, company, or family has some blessings to share, you may coordinate with the team from the City Hall and Philippine Red Cross. They’re in the area most of the time. You may also proceed directly to the tents of your choice if you have some items you wish to share.

They still need our help. Your donations will surely go a long way.

Payt Bisdak!