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Welcoming the 2020 Pandemic Christmas in Cebu

2020 has been a pretty dreadful year. But that does not mean that Christmas in Cebu would have to be canceled this year. In fact, like always, the city of Cebu held the annual lighting of the Fuente Osmena Christmas Tree on the first of December. Unlike in the past years, however, this year’s event was a bit different.

Of course, I wouldn’t dare miss this very special event. Take a look at some of the photos that I was able to capture during the event.

Christmas in Cebu

Knowing that the program usually always starts at 7 pm, I arrived at the circle ten minutes before seven. When I got there, however, I was told that only invited guests were allowed to enter the circle. So, I had no other choice but to walk as fast as I could to the skywalk so that I could get a good view of the tree.

The 2020 Fuente Christmas Tree is unlike most holiday trees in the past. This year, the design is more solid and compact and not ‘airy’ and light.

The switch-on ceremony at the circle officially marks the start of the Christmas celebrations) in the city of Cebu.

2020 Fuente Christmas Tree

A few moments later, I could hear that a countdown had begun. And several seconds later, the lights were on.

That’s me (along with a handful of other people watching the event from afar.

The Fuente area is looking fabulous and very festive. For a moment, you’d forget that we’re all in the middle of this horrible pandemic.

This is what Jones Avenue / Osmena Boulevard looks like with all the center island lights turned on. Very lovely!

As expected, the ever-supportive Crown Regency is also all glammed up for the holiday season.

People noticed that a firetruck was parked close to the circle. So people lingered for a few minutes after the switch-on ceremony hoping that they’d see fireworks in the sky. There were no fireworks, however. And that’s totally understandable.


One final look at the beautiful 2020 Fuente Christmas Tree.

Watch this video of the official lighting of the 2020 Fuente Christmas Tree

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