Chill At The Grill


Hahaha. The title’s funny. I can’t think of anything else right now. LOL. Well, on our way home to Cebu today, we dropped by Acacia Grill to try their food. We were planning to eat at Compañeros in Minglanilla but we figured that it was probably closed on Sundays.

Acacia Grill is cute and clean. The food tastes great and most of all, the view is fantastic! I’ll tell you why in a sec.


Hmmm. Lunch time! [Pork, Sinigang, Mixed Veggies, Pork Belly, and Pancit Guisado]. Nyum!

Welcome to Acacia Grill!


You’re probably wondering where in the world Acacia Grill is. Well, it’s in Carcar City. Remember that place with a giant shoe and a shoe expo? That’s where it is!

Just a few steps away and you’re there!

Acacia Grill has a very relaxing ambiance. The waiters are cool and the place is clean. They have a beautiful garden, too.

All chairs are 100% wood. Very sturdy.

And they place candles on your table even at high noon. LOL

And most of all, you get to enjoy the beautiful scenery while you’re enjoying your sinigang.

Very nice view.

Kangkong mo diha!

Kubo and coconut trees.

Cow and the hill.