Ili Rock Viewing Deck: The Transformation of Cebu’s Southern Bend

It’s been been months (almost a year, actually) since my last Cebu travel. I apologize. To all the readers here and to myself, most especially. Because I’ve been missing out on a lot of wonderful things.

So I decided one day to pack a light day bag and head south. The plan was to reach Alegria via Samboan. So basically, a round-south trip which would take at least 8 hours. The mission was simple: find a nice-looking seaside public beach and just enjoy the water. If I see new spots along the way, that would be an added bonus.

I reached the town of Boljoon just a few minutes after 11 am. The sun was out and it was freaking hot. I didn’t stop at the foot of the Ili Rock. Instead, I drove straight to the town plaza (where it used to be) right in front of the church to get a good shot of the whole thing.

Ladies and gentlemen, the new Ili Rock of Boljoon, Cebu.

The town church of Boljoon, looking more dazzling than ever.

Let me just take you guys back to the good old times when the Ili Rock, Cebu’s very own “Southern Bend” looked this breath-taking.

Yep. Wasn’t it just gorgeous?

Now let’s take a look at the Ili Rock at present. Spot the difference? Don’t mind the smiling face, though.

According to a news report I read online, the ‘transformation’ was necessary. There were threats of landslide and the only way to go was basically to level the rock (on top, most especially) to make it less dangerous.

So, here we go. Let’s check out the Ili Rock Viewing Deck.

The development is made up of several levels. Obviously because the rock is too steep and it’s impossible to carve out a road given the limited amount of space.

The first level is a small park space. I’m guessing it’s a park space because it is big enough for several vans and motorbikes. Plus it has a hole on the ground which obviously looks like it’s going to be a rest room.

View of the first viewing deck from the park space. That thing near the top is a rappelling platform for those who want a little extreme adventure.

Now, the fun begins as you slowly make your way to the foot of the concrete stairs. Yes, those stairs.

Now imagine doing this at 11:30 in the morning. I swear I almost collapsed. Haha.

But check out the view of the the town church and the plaza from the first viewing deck. Spine-chillingly gorgeous.

To take this photo, I had to stand on the actual rappelling platform.

Behind the viewing deck and platform is another set of concrete stairs. Let’s see what is up there!

Now check out the view from the second viewing deck. Wow!

This is the flat area on top of the rock. If I’m not mistaken, the activity was stopped because the rock was already deemed stable at this level.

Basically this is the main viewing deck and currently, it is empty. But I read in the dailies that a coffee shop will soon rise here. The local government also has other plans for this spot like adventure zips, telescopes, and more!

View of the concrete stairs and the town center of Boljoon.

Smiling from exhaustion.

Now if only there’s a much quicker way to get off this thing. I need some shade!!!!

It was already past noon when I finally returned to the town plaza. I immediately drove straight toward the town of Oslob for lunch! I miss Oslob!!!

It’s great to be back in Oslob. I’d spent a good deal of my summers in the past couple of years here in Oslob and I really miss the feeling of being in this quiet, lovely town.

Stay tuned for the continuation of this adventure. I discovered a new waterfall and I also stopped at a local public beach for some much-needed sea-dip! See you!