Kugtong Spring: In Plain Sight

On my way to Moalboal, I suddenly felt the urge to explore the town of Alcantara. To be honest, the only places I’ve visited in Alcantara are their town church and the Boardwalk Zoo. And I’m pretty sure they have a lot more to offer. So, since I was already in the area, I thought, why the heck not?

So, as I was driving, I was also busy looking for people who could probably point me in the right direction. As I got closer to the town center, I saw this small group of kids who were standing along the road. They were looking at something, their back facing the road, and they were laughing and cheering. I stopped my bike right behind them, got off, and walked towards them. Before I could ask them to turn around and talk to me, however, I realized exactly why they were laughing and cheering. They were watching two young boys swimming in the pool below. Both boys were butt naked.

Name: Kugtong Spring
Type: Natural Spring
Municipality: Alcantara
Barangay: Poblacion
Features: Man-made pool
Distance from City: 3 Hours by Land
Distance from Town Proper: 0 min
Access: Bus / Van / Private
Nearest Tourist Spot: Alcantara Boardwalk
Trekking Time: 0 min
Standard Rate/Fee:
Additional Expenses:
Guide/Tour Operator: No
Tours Offered: No
Accommodations: No
Restroom/Changing Room: No
Restaurant/Food: No
Picnic: No
Camping: No
Adventure Level: Beginner

I couldn’t believe that this was the very first time that I saw (or learned about) this beautiful spot. I mean, I always pass through the town every time I tour the southern tip ofthe island. However, I’ve never really got the chance to give the place a closer and a more in-depth look. I’d stopped at the town market once to buy a couple of stuff. But I never really realized or found out that there was a pool right next to it. It was just mind-blowing.

Kugtong Spring is a natural spring situated just a couple of meters from the main highway. You heard that right. This beautiful gem is only several feet from the road. It’s basically a gem hiding in plain sight. If you’re on a moving bus and you don’t turn your head towards it at the right moment, you’d surely miss it.

The man-made pool ‘traps’ the spring water and allows locals – especially young kids – to enjoy the water all day long.

Behind the pool is a ‘river.’ I’m guessing the water goes straight to the ocean. And I’m guessing that the water is brackish as it looks like it’s ‘fresh water meets sea water.’ But, of course, I could be wrong.

This house is situated right next to a giant tree on top of a hill just beside the river. Imagine waking up every morning with this wonderful sight.

And just a couple of meters from that house – and from the spring pool below – was the town’s main market. I’m guessing those steps allow fishermen to take their catch directly to the market.

When the laughing boys saw that I was shooting the two swimming kids, they immediately took off their clothes and jumped into the water. Notice the tricycles in the photo? That’s how close the pool is to the main road.

In this shot, they asked me to take a shot of all five of them as they jumped into the water.

It’s pretty obvious these kids are having a swell time.

One more shot before I proceed to my next destination.

Enjoy the rest of the day kids. And see you next time, Alcantara!