Liog-Liog Rock: An Unexpected Discovery

Over the weekend, I traveled to the town of Ronda to look for a particular spring situated in a small upland barangay called Butong. I was able to locate the barangay but I wasn’t able to find the spring. The people I asked couldn’t point me in the right direction. To be fair, one person did give me detailed instructions. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the ‘coconut trees’ he mentioned in his instructions. The only coconut trees I saw in the area were located on another nearby hill. Haha. So, I gave up, got on my bike, and decided to look for other spots to visit, instead.

I was on my way to the town of Malabuyoc when I saw a road-side sign somewhere in Barangay Santa Cruz in Ronda inviting guests to visit a certain Aqua Park called Kasadya. I wasted no time and decided to check the place out.

The park is only about 100 to 200 meters from the main road. The park is very easy to find and it has a pretty huge space for parking.

Kasadya Aqua Park is a swimming and fish park. It has a nice little pool and several cottages for fishing.

I was taking photos of the pool when I noticed a sign which read “This way to Dagat (Beach).” So, I decided to follow the narrow foot path hoping to find a nice little beach where I could take a quick dip.

The area has numerous fishing ponds. I’m not sure however why the ponds are basically ’empty.’ Probably because the tide was low when I got there?

A row of rooms at the end of the ponds. Aside from the fishing huts, ponds, and pool, the park also has rooms for guests.

I continued walking until I reached the beach. Ronda’s coast is pretty rocky, I must say. But it still looks really gorgeous. This family I saw when I got there was taking a break from fishing to eat their lunch under some rocks.

I found a nice little spot under a tree a few meters from the eating family. The view from my spot was beautiful. And that rock sure looks interesting.

Here’s the interesting-looking rock up close. Notice the very narrow section near the bottow?

Pretty nice, don’t you think?

This rubber line connects the rock from the mainland. When the tide gets really high, water reaches the top part of the rock. Getting on and off the rock becomes a lot easier when you use this line.

Taking a quick selfie.

Here’s a view of the line from the rock to the mainland.

The coast of Ronda. Really serene and peaceful.

After their quick lunch, they were back in the water.

I was walking back to my bike when I suddenly noticed a guy standing on the rocks. I swear, this dude almost gave me a heart attack.

Yeah. It was just a statue. Thank God!

On my way back to the main road, I saw a tarpaulin which features the rock that I just saw. Apparently, locals call it Liog-Liog Rock (probably because of how it looks). In Cebuano, liog means neck.

Don’t forget to drop by this pretty looking rock when you’re in town!

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    1. Thanks Sir! Can you please tell me how to get to Butong Spring? I’ve tried twice but I couldn’t find it. 🙂

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