The Amazing Waters of Oslob

 If you’re traveling South and you’re keen on dropping by Oslob, don’t miss their beach to make your experience complete. Coz honestly, Oslob is all about the people, the religion and THE BEACH!


Oslob beach and the mountains of Santander in the distance.

This sea-wall only serves as protection from the occasional hard waves that hit the shores of Oslob. However, the beach is left untouched and the water is not deep like you probably think it is. Like any other beaches, it starts really shalow. In short, it’s the same thing (maybe even better). You just see a wall. LOL

Mountains of Oslob

See? The water is only waist-deep.

Fisherman goes fishing. hehe

Holy Friday Procession
Nanginhas sa Oslob

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