Moalboal Sunday

Moalboal is a town situated 59 kilometers away from Cebu City. Moalboal boasts of world-famous dive sites and resorts. To get to Moalboal from Cebu City, one can take the VHIRE (Van for Hire,) the bus, or a mini bus.

When you reach Moalboal proper, you can either go to Bas Dako (literally big sand: characterized by pearly-white beaches) or Bas Diyot (literally small sand which has rocky beaches). Both beaches are wonderful for snorkeling and diving. For serious dive sessions, check out Pescador Islands. It’s only a few minutes off Moalboal.

Bas Dako

Open cottages (with electricity) P300 down.

The cat that terrorized our food supply. LOL

T-shirts for sale


Sea-side restaurant

Open cottages (Php500 up)

Everyone is free to pitch their tents on the beach.

Boat rides…

Moalboal Church (old)


Danger Zone

Old Church main door (now a mini tiangge)

New church

Still Under Construction

Moalboal Municipal Hall

Basketball Court

Soccer Field

Old Church bell tower

Bell tower

V-Hires waiting for passengers

Cebu City Carnival is FUN!
Penshoppe’s Nino: An Enduring Tradition

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