Finding Ronda’s Lapnis Spring

That’s it! This spring they call Lapnis just doesn’t want to be found! I give up!

Like my first 3 tries, there was no one in the area who could point me in the right direction. Still, I decided to continue driving and look for the coconut trees near the ‘turn.’ I realized that there were two turns in the dirt road and in the second one, several bamboo patches can be seen. What if that dude told me the wrong plant and that instead of coconut, he really meant bamboo?Several weeks later, I once again found myself driving through Ronda. This time, my destination was the town of Malabuyoc. I don’t know why, but when I reached the town center, I decided to turn left and head towards Barangay Butong where Lapnis Spring is located.

I thought that it would be too disappointing to turn around without finding the spring (on my fourth try,) so I decided to park my bike in a secure area by the road and look for a trail.

Bye for now, Dodong Gotham.

I saw one trail which leads towards the river below. Well, there’s no harm in trying.

I followed the trail and true enough, I found a small river at the bottom. Cool! Look at the water!

But it didn’t look like it was a spring. So, I decided to follow the river in the hopes of finally finding it.

Several minutes later, I found this amazing mini waterfall. This doesn’t look like a spring, as well. But if I couldn’t find Lapnis, I guess this will do.

I stayed in the area for several more minutes until a bird hunter walked by with his retriever dog. I asked him where Lapnis spring was and he told me that the spring was destroyed by a strong typhoon which hit southern Cebu a few months ago.

Oh! That’s too bad.

Well, this waterfall doesn’t exactly look too bad, right?

Perfect for non-swimmers like me! Haha!

Have you been to Lapnis? Tell us about your experience!

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