A Day in Medellin

Two weeks ago, a friend asked me if I wanted to tag along. She (and a few other officemates) needed to go to Medellin for an out-of-town work-related stuff. I’ve never been to Medellin so I didn’t say no.

The town of Medellin is a second class municipality with a population of around 50 thousand. The town proper is approximately 140 kilometers from Cebu City. From Bogo, just before entering the municipality of San Remigio, make a right and just keep driving towards the direction of Daanbantayan. You know you’ve reached Medellin when you see a big acacia tree near a sharp curve in a baranggay called Curva.

Who knew Medellin had this? Awesome!

The ‘work-related activity’ ended just before three in the afternoon. So, instead of going straight home, we decided to check out the awesome spots in Medellin. I tell you, Medellin looks a little too quiet from the main road. But once you decide to stop by and get to know it a little more, you’ll discover that it indeed has a lot to offer.

Short drive to Medellin Hideaway.

Medellin Hideaway is basically a beach resort. What sets it apart from all other resorts in the area is the long ‘boardwalk’ which connects a small island to the mainland.

The resort doesn’t really have a ‘beach.’ Well, almost all resorts in the northern tip of Cebu have rocky beaches.

Nice looking hut. I bet this spot would look perfect in the evening.

Looks nice.

More cottages.

 Another islet connected to the mainland.

The long boardwalk. Pretty lovely.

Apart from the expected creaks and cracks, it looked quiet stable. Hehe.

I don’t know how long the boardwalk is. But I guess it’s around two hundred meters.

Nice view.

View from the island. The coast of Medellin and Bogo. Lovely.

And check this out. A lovely romantic spot! Cool!

View of mainland Medellin.

Next, we checked out the zipline. I forgot the name of the barangay, though. Hehe.

Zipline fee: Php50.00. Wow!

They also have a cable car. Nice!

Green Medellin. Awesome!

Looks exciting!

Wow! Medellin is just so green!

Coconut tree-lined road. Very lovely, right?

They call this the Tarzan Jump. It’s basically just a huge swing. But of course, when you see how far below the ground is, it just isn’t a normal swing anymore. Hahaha.

Zip line! Woohoo!

I’ll definitely come back because we weren’t able to go to the very controversial Gibitngil island.

Hope I get to travel again soon! 🙂

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