Fluvial Parade 2014

The annual fluvial parade is a procession which takes the image of Señor Santo Niño back to Cebu City. This early morning event, which is attended by thousands, and witnessed by even more people, takes place one day before the Sinulog Grand Parade.

This year, the procession was threatened by the entry of Typhoon Agaton to the Philippine Area of Responsibility. In fact, days before the parade, Mayor Rama had announced that should the weather worsen, the event would automatically be cancelled.

This morning, Cebu woke up to a gloomy but perfectly fine day. The procession was not cancelled but the participating vessels were, I think, advised to maintain a speed in order to get everyone back on dry land as soon as possible. And true enough, when we reached the International Port, the ‘galleo’ was already in sight. The boat did not even travel closer to the pier (normally, it would do this) and instead stayed on its travel route right in the heart of the Mactan Channel.

Devotees waving at the image of Santo Niño at the Cebu International Port.

On our way to the port area. It’s fiesta in Cebu! 🙂

Just less than a minute after we arrived in the area, the ‘galleon’ came zooming past up.

Fewer boats joining this year.

A lady raises her Niño at the passing fleet.

A port worker with full face makeup on watching the fleet.

The last few boats that joined the parade.

Colored smoke at the Port Authority.

Impressive attendance. As always.

The port workers went ahead and performed their Sinulog dance.

Pit Senyor, they all shouted.

Pit Senyor, Cebu! Viva!