Southern Cebu’s Cool Pools

Last Sunday, we got a chance to leave the city for a short while to enjoy the beauty of the south. Our main destination was the Marian Shrine in Lindogon in Simala. However, since we were miles away from home, we decided that we’d also hit the first beach that we lay our eyes on. I later learned during the trip that my cousin Osman has never been to Obong Spring in Dalaguete before. So, we promised to take him there. And on our way back home, we also discovered another cold spring that you definitely should check out.


Southern Cebu has amazing cool pools. Check ’em out!

So after our Simala visit, we drove all the way to Dalaguete town to show Osman this. Barangay Obong’s Obong Cold Spring.

The tide was low when we got there. When the tide is high, the water would reach that concrete slab that that young boy in brown shorts is sitting on.

Obong’s mermaid.

Osman absolutely loved the place.

After a quick swim, we checked out the beach just a few meters away from the spring. To those who still don’t know, that structure right there was once a watch tower. Watch towers were common in the past to allow locals to prepare for Moro invasions.

A nice lantay under an ipil-ipil tree for late afternoon snacks and chats.

The beach.

Glad they’ve decided to plant more mangroves.

A huge vessel docked in Alcoy. Alcoy is basically only a few hundred meters away from Obong.

After Obong, we were on our way home. But when we reached this spot somewhere in Barangay Banhigan,(still in Dalaguete,) we saw a couple of wet kids emerge from a set of stone steps. There’s probably a nice-looking beach below. So, we stopped to investigate.

And then this was what we discovered. Gakub Cold Spring in Barangay Banhigan, Dalaguete. Fantastic!

Steps to the pools.

The amazing fresh-water pool. Wow!!!!!

Fresh ย water flows straight towards the sea.

Small gaps where fresh exits towards the sea during low tide. Saltwater also enters the pools during high tide.

The open sea. Love the boats.

View of the second pool and the main road at the top. Also visible are the newly constructed huts beside the pools.

Freshwater exiting the first pool and entering the second pool.

The source. Amazing.

Local bathers using stones to remove dirt from their skin.

Now, that’s when the tide is low. But imagine when it’s high. Those pools would look even more amazing.

This photo, from Best of Dalaguete shows the pools during high tide.


We also dropped by Perrelos in Carcar for their amazing fresh buko.

Yum! 7 pesos only!

Check our Obong, Gakub, and Carcar’s fresh buko now!

25 thoughts on “Southern Cebu’s Cool Pools

  1. Wow these are really nice natural springs and it is great that locals use them and not just for tourists! Thanks again Ley, another great insight of so many things to do and see in our beloved Cebu.

  2. Nice place to cool down. I luv the buko drink, its good for our body. Wow! hunasan, mangihas ta.
    That ship is interesting to me. What are they shipping there? I know the one in Naga, for cement. But cant think of that in Alcoy. Nice fishermens boat. Now make me feel homesick. Daghan salamat Bai Ley.

  3. What a beautiful place to have some R/R., The pool is so nice and look clean . We were there two years ago., we stay at Rockwalled resort for two days,they also have pool mix with sea water.
    Check out that place,I’m sure your going to like it there. Thanks much for nice photos..

  4. Just want to correct the location of GAKUB Spring it is not in cawayan, its Banhigan, Dalaguete cebu,,, 80 km going to south from cebu city,,, its a kool spring where u can relax and unwined,,,,

  5. If you go to the place early you can do your breakfast there, u can buy fresh fish from the local fisherman, you can grill it there or do it by kinilaw,, or tinula,,, its a good place….if you need help just ask the local,,, they are welcome to assist or help you,,,, dont forget to try the coconut wine,,we call it locally as TUBA….. happy trip

  6. Hi Ley! It was nice seeing the great photos you’ve taken in your cool trip.. I appreciated your efforts in featuring “Gakub” spring in your article/blog/photo blog. Thank you for that ๐Ÿ™‚ But, I just want to clarify that “Gakub” does not belong to the territory of Barangay Cawayan. It belongs to the territory of Barangay Banhigan instead. I know your a tourist and not so familiar with place that’s why I understand your mistake in here ^_^ ., So if you have time to edit this one please kindly change the address soon. Banhiganons are over reacting on your post and I can’t blame them. We really love Gakub and we are very proud of that spring (Yes, I am from Banhigan by the way but don’t worry I understand your mistake). We are just proud of what we have so please change the address to avoid misunderstandings. Thank you

  7. NOTE: Edited the name of the barangay.

    Sorry for the mistake. And thanks for the correction. Surprised to find at least ten private messages re the error. ๐Ÿ™‚

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