Disco Night in Medellin

A few weeks ago, my officemate Cring2x told me about the town fiesta of Medellin. Cring2x and her family are from Medellin (although they also live in Mandaue City.) She said that the fiesta season is awesome in Medellin and she insisted that it would be horrible to miss such an amazing event. At first, I wasn’t so sure about the trip because, first, Medellin is around 3 hours away and second, because no one else was going.  Good thing another officemate, Alex, decided the last minute that he wanted to go.

So, long story short, we left Cebu City for Medellin at around 3:30 pm last Saturday. It turned out that it was a bad idea because the trip was long and we didn’t really know where we were going. Haha.

So, anyway, quick history and geography lesson! Medellin is near the northern tip of the island. It’s around three hours from Cebu City, but according to Mr. Perez, (Cring’s father) our awesome host, he could make it from Mandaue to Medellin in just an hour and ten minutes. That’s like, WOW! But of course I believe him because he’s awesome. Hahaha. Anyway, Medellin is thirty minutes from the towns of Daanbantayan and San Remigio. Although Medellin was, in the past, quite unknown compared to the two said towns, it is now slowly but surely making a name for itself. In fact, I’d have to commend the leaders who came up with this ‘Medellin is Funtastic’ program. Don’t worry, sirs and madam. I will do my share of promoting your lovely town because your town has been great to me.

So, yeah, back to my story. We reached Bogo City at around 6: 30 in the evening. Alex and I were a little nervous because we didn’t know where the town proper was exactly. When we reached Pulambato, we excitedly texted Cring and told her where we were. You’re still thirty minutes away, she said. What? The roads were so dark and we were afraid that we’d make a wrong turn (cue Psycho theme!) But she assured us that if we just keep going straight, we’d soon see a big ass tree and a lot of signs which read CURVA. Fromt there, we’d have to make a left and we’d have to just follow the road until we see a gas station.

I’m ready to call Medellin my new favorite. But I’m afraid my beloved Dalaguetnons will disown me (I’m a self-proclaimed Dalaguetnon, remember?) Haha! Can I just have two favorites, instead? I want to keep my southern twang. Like, seriously.


Hello, Medellin! I love you!

Imagine driving through sugarcane fields in pitch darkness. And it didn’t help that Alex was a total scaredy cat. Haha. Well, who wouldn’t be scared? The whole time we were talking about nothing but NPAs and abats and white ladies and knife-wielding psychos. Haha.

This photo was from my previous (and very short) trip some months ago. Just use your imagination. Time: 7:00 pm. Location: provincial road. Mood: eerie. Characters: two travelers on a motorbike and a manananggal. Hahaha.

After what seemed like forever, we finally saw a small gas station. We immediately informed Cring where we were and she happily announced that “you’re two blocks away from our house!” With a sigh of relief, we got off the weary-looking motorbike and immediately began thinking about the lechon that was waiting for us.

And sure enough, the lechon was waiting for us! Hahaha. Awesome!

Here’s Cring, Dante, and Alex. And the lechon, of course.

After dinner, it was time to roam around. Medellin is seriously one of the hardest-to-find towns in Cebu. It definitely is a ‘secret hideaway.’ Haha. That is why we were more than surprised to find the town square stuffed with people. Seriously, it was like the People Power all over again. Haha.

Waited so long to take this shot. There were just too many people. Camphone photo. Sorry. Hehe.

Then, near midnight, it was time to get ready for the biggest party in Medellin. Saturday night is disco night!!!!

The town gym was huge. But guess what, it was filled to the rafters! It was crazy!

Dancing to live band music. Camphone photo. Hehe.

When the singers got off the stage, the real diskoral started. What’s awesome about this diskoral was that it was free for all! Amazing!

We danced until around 3 in the morning. We were told that we were going to Gibitngil in the morning so we had to prepare early. Uh-oh!

A quick tour around the main streets and guess what, everything is now back to normal. The night before, this street was crazy! Haha.

The town church. We lit a few candles at the gate before going to the disco the previous night.

The simple life. Its amazing how fast they cleaned up all the mess. Wow!

Young boy selling local faves.

5 pesos each! Buy now!

Visit Medellin now!