Mandaue’s J

J Centre Mall is the newest mall in Cebu. It is located along A. S. Fortuna Street in Mandaue City. If my sources are right, the mall is just one-third of a huge complex which would also include a hotel tower and a condominium tower in the coming years.

The construction of the complex was one of the many amazing projects that surprised Cebuanos in 2009. Also, the project’s completion is a solid testament to the steady rise of our local developers. Here’s hoping that more local developers get to showcase their ‘talents’ in the future for a better and more beautiful Cebu!


The J Centre Mall in Mandaue City, Cebu.

The main entrance. Looking nice. Don’t mind the spaghetti wires. Hehe.

The facade bearing the logo of the J brand.

Left side of the facade.

Nice-looking wait sheds.

The grand staircase. Cool. Reminds of CICC.

Stairs to the main lobby.

Waiting for future al-frescoes to open.

Awesome ceiling work right there.

The foyer area. So huge and spacious. Cool.

View from inside the mall. Looking pretty massive.

The mall interior. Pretty sleek.

I like this part. I’m guessing this will be the electronics/mobile phones area.

J Centre Mall’s anchor store – SM Hypermart.

To the second floor.

Huge spaces. This mall is going to look better once everything is in place.

Visit J Centre Mall now!

20 thoughts on “Mandaue’s J

  1. the architectural design is awesome, very modern, and it has a very attractive colours. it’s a beautiful shopping mall. thanks for sharing it, ley.

  2. Nice new mall Leylander. Do you know what their hours are?
    Like Corah, I miss even a small blurb about the photo topics. I think that it holds more peoples’ interest with some text to go along with a post..

  3. I recently came across your page and was very impressed how you remind “lumad sugboanon” who are away and had never been in Cebu for a long time the scenes of Cebu now and then. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated – thank you very much for bringing my hometown closer to me. More power to you!

  4. Been following your blog for quite sometime now and enjoyed it very much. By the way, is J Mall handicap accessible? Your photos show grand staircases but I’m not seeing wheelchair access. Just wondering, and thanks for all your effort in showcasing our beautiful birthplace, Cebu…

  5. Thanks sa mga pictures kay at least naka update ko. Dugay naman gud ko wala ka uli diha sa Cebu since Oct. 2011 pa. Hope to see you guys before end of 2013. 🙂

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