Cordova Sunset

Last week, my friends and I decided to go to Baranggay Day-as in Cordova to take a couple of photos of the ever-changing skyline of Cebu. I suggested that we take the ferry from Pier 3 to the Ouano Wharf instead of crossing the bridge to Mactan Island. I told them that it would be my first time and that I would really love to take photos of Cebu City’s waterfront. Thankfully, they all agreed.

A lot of locals prefer to take the ferry to the island not only because it allows them to enjoy the wonderful view of the Queen City of the South but also because its fast, reliable, and quite cheap. For the 15-minute trip, passengers only have to pay Php 15.00. Not bad, ei?

Anyway, we reached Baranggay Day-as in Cordova at around 4:30 in the afternoon. It was perfect because the sun was setting and the sea was very calm. Also, in just a couple of minutes, it would be completely dark and the city lights would surely be a sight to behold.


Late afternoon in Day-as, Cordova. Just lovely!

My friends Slerz and Redjie waiting for our ferry to arrive.

Around three minutes later, our ferry was there. Now, it was time to go up! See you later, Cebu City!

One of the many colorful boats docked near our ferry.

Here we go! Leaving mainland Cebu!

Another ferry on its way to the City.

We sat just behind the Pilot House. The view was gorgeous.

Silhouette of Cebu’s giants.

Satchmo enjoying the ride.

Enjoying the lovely weather!

Mactan Channel and the two beauties – Mactan Bridge and the Marcelo Fernan Bridge.

Welcome to Lapu-Lapu City!

Less than an hour later, we were in Cordova. Lovely place!

Concrete pipes near the shore. Perfect for photoshoots. LOL.

We climbed down this small bridge to get a better angle. Hehehe.

The gorgeous skyline of Cebu. I wished I got better lens. This was all that I got. Zoom = 100%. Hahahaha.

Sunset in just a few minutes. Cool!

Slerz and his cameras. Hehehehe.

Satchmo just taking in the awesomeness of Cordova. Hehehe.

Markki and his awesome camera. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Markki in action!

Capture showing some fishermen on their way back to the shore.

A nice little restaurant offering more than just beer and bakasi! Lovely! We couldn’t go in because we were penniless. Hahaha.

It was a little cloudy that day. But still, the view was awesome!

A few minutes later, we saw this. Wow!

Loved it.

Sunset for two.

There’s the SRP viaduct.

I’m not exactly sure what this was.

Redjie and Slerz checking their shots. Markki taking night shots of Cebu City.

It was really fun. And the view was just awesome. Visit Cordova now!

41 thoughts on “Cordova Sunset

  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I’ve lived 13 years of my life in Cebu province and I never ever set foot on Cordova. Now that I have the money to travel more, Cebu seems so far away.

  2. Nindota ana ley oi! Its not what you use to take the pictures that makes it great but how you presented it!

    very nice!

  3. Dont worry Ley, it’s not the camera that makes a good picture but the person behind it.
    Only a person who knew how, when and where to frame a subject to make a WOW photograph using an old cheap camera. Look at those pics made from 1900’s, world war 11 and old cebu for example.

  4. That structure extending towards the sea is actuall a discontinued rock bridge that is supposed to connect Day-as to another island…

    Next time, try going to Buagsong. The sunset colors there are usually much stronger than in Day-as…
    And next time, pang-invite sad mo uy…. Hehehe… (Mura’g close… Ahahaha!)

  5. First time i heard of this ferry ride. Its good for P15 and traffic free. I’ll take this if i live somewhere there. Slerz, Redjie, Markii and Leyland you’re all great photograhpers. Thanks for your time guys. Awesome pix Ley, nice to see Satchmo again i miss him. I love the sunset pix, pang postcard talaga.
    Thnx Ley.

  6. WOW! Great and awesome pictures! Thank you for taking the time and sharing with us! Missed seeing Satchmo, glad to see him here!

  7. Ley, is there anything could be better than a gorgeous sunset photo of Cebu City? Honestly, this post just makes me want to visit Day-as, Cordova, when I go home. I heart sunsets! Like some of your readers, I’ve never been to Cordova, or even aware that there’s a P15 ferry ride going there. Thanks for sharing your adventure! Btw, “hi Satch!”

  8. Cordova that’s my home town, I could still recall way back on my high school days where we spend some times with my friends waiting for the sun to set that’ s the exact place actually but you missed to get a picture of the sun before it hides back to the mountains that the perfect view!!

  9. naka.anhi man ko same year pod 2011 pero wa ko khbaw sa lugar kai ako barkada may nagdala nako dri. asa gni ni dapit sa cordova? nakahibaw ka sa pangan sa restaurant? naa pa kaha ni ron?

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