Bantayan Island Sizzles

I’ve been to Bantayan Island a couple of times in the past. However, I’ve never tried going there during Holy Week. I swear I once heard someone rave about his Holy Week in Bantayan. He babbled for more than an hour. I was equally impressed, annoyed, and more importanly, intrigued. Hahaha. However, I knew that there was no way that I was going there on my own. The trip would be so expensive. And I’m sure all rooms would be stuffed. Fortunately, a few weeks before Lent, Harry mentioned that he and his officemates were spending their summer break there, So, I didn’t think twice. I wanted to personally see what the fuzz was about. Bantayan Island is lovingly referred to as Cebu’s ultimate summer destination. And whatever the reasons are, there was only one way to find out!


Bantayan Island is sizzling hot!

Our ride to the island. Safe and fast!

At 5 in the morning, the boat was filled to the rafters. Most of the people on board were tourists.

Bantayan Island at last!

This pedicab took us to Sugar Beach for 20 pesos each.

Vans are also available. This one is going to Bantayan (the capital).

Sugar Beach. The mood was festive!

After paying the entrance fee (P50,) we were given this simple bracelet. Cool.

It’s hard not to notice the tents that line the road inside the compound. Cool!

More tents!

And even more tents. Hahaha.

Our room. We paid 4000 for this.

Cute light. Hehe.

The bathroom. Clean and big enough.

Sugar Beach. Awesome!

This spot is perfect for late-night drinking sessions. Hehe.

Wow! Awesome view.

Bantayan Beach Games participants.

Harry doing it like a pro. Haha.

After we unpacked and rested for a while, we went to the nearby ‘food station’ to have lunch.

Lunch! Yum!

A huge serving of rice. Hehe.

We saw Gerson and some of his friends. Gerson – that guy in black – was my classmate in college. Hehe.

The ‘wishing well.’ Actually, it’s a fresh water well. It’s very popular among beachgoers.

Public restrooms and shower rooms.

Banana-cue after lunch. Why not? Haha.

At around 3 in the afternoon, we went to the beach to see what was happening. We saw this small booth offering henna tattoo for 100 pesos.

They also sold necklaces and chains.


They also sold coin purses and bracelets.

BOACAY! Bwahahaha.

I decided to get a tattoo. It was my first time. Hehe.

All done! It’s a dragon, by the way. LOL.

Joy decided to get one, too.

Very pretty.

The artist in action.

Harry premiering his tattoo. Bwahahaha.

Wall climbing at the beach.

For 50 pesos, Harry decided to give it a try.

Kaya pa? Hahaha.

Late afternoon at the beach. Awesome!

That evening, (Maundy Thursday,) we went to Laine’s house. She’s one of Harry’s officemates. Her family prepared a small feast for us. Awesome family. Thanks a lot!

Photo op after dinner. Nice.

When we went back to the resort, we found out that someone was doing the fire dance. Awesome!


Instant celebrity. Hehehe.

Beachgoers enjoying the free show.

The following day, more tents appeared near the beach. Hehe.

A few tents set up under the small coconut trees. Hehe.

I also saw Sir Zeargs. He’s that guy in the middle. He’s one of the readers of MCPB.

Beautiful view.

After lunch, Harry and I decided to go beachcombing. Hehehe.

And then, we saw the sandbar.

Just gorgeous!

Blue skies and excited beach goers.

A group of Koreans trying to get off the boat. Good luck. Hahaha.

The sandbar. Lovely.

View of the island from the sandbar.

Sir Myand with the Asilo Boys. Hehehe.



Near the end of the sandbar, we saw a lady who was sandbathing.

Harry took a picture of the lady. However, the lady noticed what he was doing.

We thought we were in big trouble when suddenly she asked us to give her time to fix her hair. Hehehe. So, I just grabbed the opportunity. Her name, by the way, is Lara. She’s from Manila. And she’s a perfect beach model.

Shot with Harry.

And then, when I asked if I could take more pictures of her, she told me to go for it. Great!

Thank you Miss Lara for the opportunity and for the trust. And thanks for appreciating my work. 🙂

The provincial government’s rescue boat on patrol. Cool.

When we returned to our cottage, a bucket of beer was waiting for us. Haha.

Manila Beer!

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