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(MyCebuPhotoBlog was named the Best Cebu Blog at the 2010 Best Cebu Blog Awards. Thank you! πŸ™‚)

When my mom found out that one of the prizes was an overnight stay for two at the Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort and Spa, she was ecstatic. She doesn’t travel a lot. In fact, she hasn’t been on a plane ever. The farthest she’s been to is the next-door island of Negros – her home island. And it’s not everyday that we get to stay in a posh resort and live like moneyed tourists. Haha. So, my plan, since only two people could come, was to offer it to my parents. But knowing my dad, I’m sure that he would decline the offer. He couldn’t sleep with an A/C in sight. He likes his bed warm and cozy. Still, I told him about it and, as expected, he said no.Β  So, the plan was set. My mom and I were going to get pampered and treated well for a day. This is going to be awesome!


Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort and Spa in Mactan.

We arrived at around four in the afternoon. The drive from Cebu City was long and hot but forget about that! We were excited. At the gate, the guards stopped us for a few routine questions. We said we were going to stay for the night. The guards probably found this hard to believe so they asked for my name, just to be sure. Well, I can’t blame them. The people who go there usually drive nice cars. Or have blue eyes. My mom and I were on my motorbike wearing slippers and cheap helmets. Haha.

I gave them my name and told them that we actually had a reservation. A few moments later, we were allowed to go in. At the Β reception desk, the lady gave us two pieces of small rolled up wet towels. (I later learned they’re called cold towels.) Luckily, I saw one movie in the past about a guy who complained that his steamed bread was hard and chewy. So, if you’re wondering if me and my mom started chewing on them, the answer is no. Β Haha.

The reception area looks pretty nice.

A few minutes later, our free welcome drinks arrived. But it was lemongrass tea and we both couldn’t stand the smell. Hehe.

Then, the lady asked for a credit card. “Why?” I asked. “Room deposit,” she said. I thought I wasn’t going to spend a single cent here? “I left my cards,” I said. The lady gave me a weak smile. Obviously, she wasn’t prepared for that reply. Luckily, it was bonus day at work. So, I had money in my wallet. “How much?” I asked. When she said ‘3000,’ I almost burped. That’s like the room deposit for SIX resort rooms in Camotes. I told the lady that I had cash and that’s when she smiled real nice. Haha.

Two minutes later, she signaled for a guy to carry our bags to a golf cart. We’ve never been on a golf cart before, so we were excited. Sadly, our room was too close to the reception area what we only spent a total of 20 seconds on that cart. We could’ve walked really.

The guy unloaded our bags (all two of them. Haha) and carried them to our room on the second floor. His movement was mechanical and I almost suspected that he was a robot. He explained everything about the room – from the door knobs to the safety deposit box – in a rehearsed and bored tone. His tone only slightly changed when he stressed that coffee was complimentary. Great!

Room key and sampler massage coupon.

Our room was on the second floor.

We got twin double beds. Cool.

I think this whole room is more expensive than our whole house. Haha.

The mini-ref. Don’t touch anything!!!

Free coffee!!! Sadly, we’re not coffee drinkers.

Before you touch anything, look at the price list. Seriously.

Free water! Thank God!

The tub is looking pretty nice.

More bathroom stuff.

Later, we went to the beach to take a few photos.

We also dropped by the pool area.

It’s still Christmas here!

View of the pool in front of our room.

Since the Gift Certificate didn’t mention anything about dinner, we went out and drove all the way to SM City Cebu to eat. While there, I bought my mom a dress. She didn’t want to wear it because she said that it looked like something only balikbayans would wear. I told her that we could at least look and feel ‘rich’ while we were there. Haha. So, it was the perfect chance to wear something ‘different and new.’ In the end, she agreed. Thank God.

The next day, it was time to debut her new dress. She actually got up early to get ready. And to think that we were only getting ready for breakfast. Haha. She actually almost ditched it for a shirt and a pair of shorts. Fortunately, I was able to convince her that everyone else would be wearing a dress. Good thing she believed me.

She’s going to…….. eat breakfast.

Mom and I. Timer: 10 seconds.

Another shot of Bluewater’s new model. Hehehe.

When we arrived at the restaurant, I informed the guy behind the counter that we were there for our ‘free breakfast.’ Apparently, all guests get to enjoy free breakfast at the resort. So, there was really no need to inform him. We could just pick a table and eat. Haha. So, where’s our one hotdog and one egg? According to the guy, we could eat as much as we could. Everything there.


Eat all you can, mom! Go go go! Hahahaha!

Our table. Delicious food!

Second round. Yum!

When we were stuffed, we went to the beach and just relaxed for a bit. My mom said “Mao ni kinabuhi ug dato (This is the life of the rich,)” I told her, “Dato man ta, Ma (We’re rich, Ma.) Just for a day.” πŸ™‚

Next, we went to the spa center for our free sampler massage.

The lobby looks interesting.

Mom getting a 30-minute massage. The coupon said 15 but Manang was nice to us. Hehe.

My turn. Awesome!

By 11, our bags were packed and we were ready to go.

Goodbye, Maribago. I hope we get to see you again soon! πŸ™‚

To EVERYONE who made this possible for me and my mom, I thank you. It was a very nice experience!

42 thoughts on “Just For A Day

  1. ley, good for you and your mom…. i was so touched reading your story…. very humble and full of innocence! keep up the good work ley! congratulations

    by the way, your mom she looks stunning!

    1. Haha, I just love your captions Ley and reading the
      story of your experience was full of innocence!
      You we’re too honest! I’ve been following your blogs
      coz I love it. I am working in a hotel, you better try
      Hilton Cebu and just take a pictures there. I know
      you’ll have good shots. I love photography.

  2. One of the reasons why I love your blog is that you show me/us your life & how you view the world & its beautiful πŸ™‚
    thanks ley

  3. This is really quite hilarious. Good thing you saw that movie with the rolled towels. I would have chewed on mine just for laughs. Haha. To be honest though, I think hotel and resort personnel should really be more welcoming to guests regardless of who their guests are and where they come from, even if their guests walk barefoot to the front gate…

  4. Nice pics and your blog kept me amused because I had a similar experience. Hahahaha, maayo ka nakabalo ka nga cold towels to, had used them several times and never knew what they were called. Not too late to learn.

    Way wakwak ngadto ley? Joke! It is a nice place to relax. Just too bad the staff behaved a bit odd. I guess they need another workshop, shhhh.

    The new model looked great!

  5. Wow… nice experience Ley for you and your mama. Nindot noh ang maribago?… kung naay sobra ang kwarta bitaw noh… why not experience a life like this…It’s a humbling experience to tell… very sincere ang imong story… indeed, you are an excellent story teller… that us, your reader can follow and understand…Keep up the good work Ley…

  6. Your dad was generous enough to give way to you. He has the Timex, right?
    You tell your experience very straightforward as only you can and I laugh to myself, for I too was in your situation just for a day once.

  7. Very nice! Free breakfast??? I must check this place out next time i visit Cebu.
    One thing I notice everytime I go to expensive resorts like this in Cebu is that there’s not many people or guests around (which is good for me because I hate crowded places). I always wonder how they keep the business up.

  8. Hi Leylander, What a sweet story! That was so considerate of you to treat your Mom, and share your prize. She looks very pretty in her dress! In a time with daghan mga snobero blogging, it’s refreshing to witness a young man who seems quite humble and down-to-earth.
    That’s why it’s so much fun to visit your site. Happy Trails! Queenie

  9. your experience touched my heart especially when you treat your mom w/ a nice dress. i always feel that way when i treat my family kada uli nako. we stayed there two years ago it was pretty good experience . so funny to read your point of view of your experience, you are so humble and honest. i think that’s what makes you different from any other bloggers. we love you and stay the way you are ley!!! from all my family! keep up the good work!

  10. congrats. that was my plan too had I won… I have problem viewing the pictures though. Only see a box with red “x”. Nyahaha

    Maybe blocked by the office if they are stored in flickr.


  11. What a sweet son you are Ley. It was nice that you got to share that experience with your Mom and great job convincing her to buy the dress, she looked great in it! Kudos to the resort (although at first they seem to be lukewarm about it) to give you the whole treatment and did not short change you just because it was complimentary. But look, they got a free ad from you because your blog is seen worldwide. I think they got more exposure here now and should have paid you for it, ha,ha,ha.
    My hubby and I actually stayed here years ago and the rooms and vicinity are just the same. We liked the cottage like feel instead of the high rise of Shangrila though. Great job as always! I hope you get to experience it again in the future.

  12. Leyland,
    I want to congratulate you for winning the “Best Cebu Blog” ; you have always been the best out there and most likely in the coming years. But, I want to commend you more for sharing your bounty with your family, especially with your Mom which set you several notches up from the rest. Some of my best memories are the time I spent with my mother; from carrying that heavy basket “mangompra sa Carbon” as a kid, or “managkot sa Senor Santo Nino and Virgin sa Regla” once or a month, to spending time with her in Disney World with the grandchildren. Your family is blessed as well as your fans.

  13. ako pod, i’m touched to read your experience with your mum…feel so much nostalgia of the past, in 1980’s makasulod gani ta sa cebu plaza hotel mora na tag tua sa langit hehehe…you are so sweet on bringing your mum with you…bitaw diha sa ato makaingon jud ta dato ang makasulod sa mga beach resort pero sa gawas maka taak jud ang tawo as long as he has a job…what a different world! thaks for sharing Ley! i miss cebu!

  14. utadj oyaak gyud ang show ninyo mader lan…i congratulate gyud dayon ko ni mader sa bonggaycious nga dress!^_^..nalingaw ug nakahilak ko ug rainbow,ehehhehe…as always,nice photos!^_^

    Pit SeΓ±or!

  15. super like!!!! (*unsaon pag himo og “thumbs up” nga icon dre ley..hehe)

    cencya kron ra dyud ko kabalik comment2 imo blog super busy na gyud kaayu!!! huhuhu

  16. Great! So glad for you Ley. You are a very deserving young man and I wish you can have even more. And the others are right, your Mom looked very nice!

    You’re right about those mini refrigerators and the stockpiles of drinks and snacks. Mahal kaayo! Usually at least double price and sometimes 3 or 4 times what you can buy them for outside. The coffee is usually free and I sure would have drank all of that. I love coffee. I love Bo’s Coffee. πŸ˜€

    Wow! What a great pamahaw. Everything looked so lami it made my gutum kaayo. Yeah, I would have gone back for more just like you did.

    Now that you’ve experienced that there are new worlds to conquer. Can’t wait to see what new thing you are blessed with next.

    Ayo ayo. Pagamping.

  17. what a great experienced of yours bai,,

    your so lucky.. you’ve become one of the famous rich once ;)..
    but honestly your a famous rich guys here in our hearts.

    sharing your blog was really mean to us ;)…

    one of your avid fan reader here ;)..
    i keep reading on your great blogging post of yours.


  18. Wow, what a great post. Referring, of course, to your storytelling, not so much the place. The innocence is touching, especially because I have been in similar shoes before. Congratulations again, Ley. Your mom looks beautiful in her dress. Were there other guests at the resort? Other than the staff, looks like it’s just you and your mom.

  19. Hi Ley,

    This is another post that is more likely to win you another award of Best Cebu Blog! One of the most touching stories you’ve shared, very heartwarming and full of funny side remarks. I love it! Pls. tell your Mama she looks lovely! πŸ™‚

    You are talented Ley, whether in photography, photojournalism, or telling personal stories. I mentioned this before but I think I have to remind you again that it’s high time you should start thinking about writing your own “Cebu Guide Book” or about “Satchmo, who travelled around the World, Holy Cow!. Your short stories or posts here are good enough to compile for a book. Who knows this venture will lead you to book sales that will bring in millions! πŸ™‚ Now, let’s start searching who among from the Isko/Iska, has any publishing connections.. πŸ˜€

    God bless you Ley!

  20. you just made me smile. thanks for posting your heartwarming story. boto jud ko nimo nga banahon sa akong pag-umangkon, hahaha…

  21. super nice…i admire how you convey to us ur experience..it was so humble of you..touching and inspiring..keep up the good work..

  22. nice kaayo imo blog bai, precise kaayo. I earned thousand of dollars but can’t find a way how to did exactly what you did. I appreciate, you invested time and effort to make all things beautiful. Cebu is a place where us to be proud of.

  23. Bai ley, since I’m one of the late comers to comment, may I just say that I definitely agree with what the other readers have said. I admire your humility gyud, that’s above all the positive things I could say. Keep up the good work bai! My vote will always be for you if there’s gonna elbe another tilt for best cebu blog.

  24. Speaking of “eating the towels,” my mom did exactly that when she visited the US. She went to a cafe and was served with what looked like a large piece of rolled crepe. She thought it was a “bonus” that comes with her order so she chewed on it before she realized it was a moist towel for wiping hands.

    Nice blog, Lander!

  25. Love reading your blog. You are full of humility, and humble people deserves great gifts! I would like to treat you & you could bring your mum/dad but you are must give me a couple of small flicks of your beautiful photos, hehe!

  26. I enjoyed reading this πŸ™‚ I was checking out some blogs about Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort and I found yours. The resort looks awesome and your mom’s dress looks really beautiful. Thanks for sharing this! πŸ™‚

  27. hi, my family and I will be going to that resort tomorrow and I must say this, it helps alot to know what you’ve experience to prevent something. hehehe like I suppose to leave my credit card. Thanks bro!!!

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