Just For A Day

(MyCebuPhotoBlog was named the Best Cebu Blog at the 2010 Best Cebu Blog Awards. Thank you! 🙂)

When my mom found out that one of the prizes was an overnight stay for two at the Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort and Spa, she was ecstatic. She doesn’t travel a lot. In fact, she hasn’t been on a plane ever. The farthest she’s been to is the next-door island of Negros – her home island. And it’s not everyday that we get to stay in a posh resort and live like moneyed tourists. Haha. So, my plan, since only two people could come, was to offer it to my parents. But knowing my dad, I’m sure that he would decline the offer. He couldn’t sleep with an A/C in sight. He likes his bed warm and cozy. Still, I told him about it and, as expected, he said no.  So, the plan was set. My mom and I were going to get pampered and treated well for a day. This is going to be awesome!


Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort and Spa in Mactan.

We arrived at around four in the afternoon. The drive from Cebu City was long and hot but forget about that! We were excited. At the gate, the guards stopped us for a few routine questions. We said we were going to stay for the night. The guards probably found this hard to believe so they asked for my name, just to be sure. Well, I can’t blame them. The people who go there usually drive nice cars. Or have blue eyes. My mom and I were on my motorbike wearing slippers and cheap helmets. Haha.

I gave them my name and told them that we actually had a reservation. A few moments later, we were allowed to go in. At the  reception desk, the lady gave us two pieces of small rolled up wet towels. (I later learned they’re called cold towels.) Luckily, I saw one movie in the past about a guy who complained that his steamed bread was hard and chewy. So, if you’re wondering if me and my mom started chewing on them, the answer is no.  Haha.

The reception area looks pretty nice.

A few minutes later, our free welcome drinks arrived. But it was lemongrass tea and we both couldn’t stand the smell. Hehe.

Then, the lady asked for a credit card. “Why?” I asked. “Room deposit,” she said. I thought I wasn’t going to spend a single cent here? “I left my cards,” I said. The lady gave me a weak smile. Obviously, she wasn’t prepared for that reply. Luckily, it was bonus day at work. So, I had money in my wallet. “How much?” I asked. When she said ‘3000,’ I almost burped. That’s like the room deposit for SIX resort rooms in Camotes. I told the lady that I had cash and that’s when she smiled real nice. Haha.

Two minutes later, she signaled for a guy to carry our bags to a golf cart. We’ve never been on a golf cart before, so we were excited. Sadly, our room was too close to the reception area what we only spent a total of 20 seconds on that cart. We could’ve walked really.

The guy unloaded our bags (all two of them. Haha) and carried them to our room on the second floor. His movement was mechanical and I almost suspected that he was a robot. He explained everything about the room – from the door knobs to the safety deposit box – in a rehearsed and bored tone. His tone only slightly changed when he stressed that coffee was complimentary. Great!

Room key and sampler massage coupon.

Our room was on the second floor.

We got twin double beds. Cool.

I think this whole room is more expensive than our whole house. Haha.

The mini-ref. Don’t touch anything!!!

Free coffee!!! Sadly, we’re not coffee drinkers.

Before you touch anything, look at the price list. Seriously.

Free water! Thank God!

The tub is looking pretty nice.

More bathroom stuff.

Later, we went to the beach to take a few photos.

We also dropped by the pool area.

It’s still Christmas here!

View of the pool in front of our room.

Since the Gift Certificate didn’t mention anything about dinner, we went out and drove all the way to SM City Cebu to eat. While there, I bought my mom a dress. She didn’t want to wear it because she said that it looked like something only balikbayans would wear. I told her that we could at least look and feel ‘rich’ while we were there. Haha. So, it was the perfect chance to wear something ‘different and new.’ In the end, she agreed. Thank God.

The next day, it was time to debut her new dress. She actually got up early to get ready. And to think that we were only getting ready for breakfast. Haha. She actually almost ditched it for a shirt and a pair of shorts. Fortunately, I was able to convince her that everyone else would be wearing a dress. Good thing she believed me.

She’s going to…….. eat breakfast.

Mom and I. Timer: 10 seconds.

Another shot of Bluewater’s new model. Hehehe.

When we arrived at the restaurant, I informed the guy behind the counter that we were there for our ‘free breakfast.’ Apparently, all guests get to enjoy free breakfast at the resort. So, there was really no need to inform him. We could just pick a table and eat. Haha. So, where’s our one hotdog and one egg? According to the guy, we could eat as much as we could. Everything there.


Eat all you can, mom! Go go go! Hahahaha!

Our table. Delicious food!

Second round. Yum!

When we were stuffed, we went to the beach and just relaxed for a bit. My mom said “Mao ni kinabuhi ug dato (This is the life of the rich,)” I told her, “Dato man ta, Ma (We’re rich, Ma.) Just for a day.” 🙂

Next, we went to the spa center for our free sampler massage.

The lobby looks interesting.

Mom getting a 30-minute massage. The coupon said 15 but Manang was nice to us. Hehe.

My turn. Awesome!

By 11, our bags were packed and we were ready to go.

Goodbye, Maribago. I hope we get to see you again soon! 🙂

To EVERYONE who made this possible for me and my mom, I thank you. It was a very nice experience!