Canlaob Falls: A Beautiful Rediscovery

It was just an hour past noon. It was muggy and uncomfortable and the mid-day sun was blazing. But the trail was slowly growing darker. My shoulders felt heavier and the bag on my back seemed like a gigantic boulder. I stopped under a small tree and sat down, hoping that the dizziness would go […]

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Dau Falls: An Experience Like No Other

Still wet from my short adventure in Binalayan Falls in Barangay Bonbon, I got on my bike and drove towards the direction of Barangay Suba, Samboan. My guide in Binalayan had said that the drive to Dau would be quick so changing into a dry pair of shorts wouldn’t make sense. And I agree. True […]

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Kan-Amno Falls: Boljoon’s Pride

Name: Kan-Amno Falls Type: Waterfall System Municipality: Boljoon Barangay: Lower Becerril Features: Waterfall System Distance from City: 3 Hours by Land Distance from Town Proper: 30 minutes Access: Bus / Van / Private Nearest Tourist Spot: Boljoon Town Church Trekking Time: 15 to 20 minutes Standard Rate/Fee: – Additional Expenses: – Hours: – Restrictions: – Guide/Tour Operator: No […]

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Cebu Pacific Names Juan For Fun 2015 Winners

Last July 1, Cebu Pacific flew a few members of the local press and the blogging community to Davao City for the culmination of this year’s Juan for Fun Backpacker Challenge. I was one of the three Cebu bloggers who got invited to cover the event. If you’re wondering what the #JuanForFun challenge is, here’s a […]

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The Unplanned Danasan Trip

So, I have to admit. Our trip last week to Danao’s steadily rising eco-tourism superpower was totally unplanned. Here’s the original deal: My mom simply wanted to go to Carmen to visit the Monastery of the Benedictine Monks in Barangay Corte. It was supposed to be a short half-day trip which would end with an […]

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Secrets of the City

The island of Cebu is truly blessed. It has a thriving metropolis, impressive cultural and heritage sites, rich marine resources, and unspoiled natural wonders. According to one Austrian I know, Cebu is perfect. He said that when you are in Cebu, everything is within reach. In the morning, you can go scuba-diving and in the afternoon, […]

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Nights In Lambug

A week ago, Harry, Randy, Jan, Redjie, and I went to the beautiful southern town of Badian. We didn’t go there just to relax and have fun. We went there mainly for an environmental program which we hoped, however small, would eventually make a huge impact. The person who came up with this wonderful plan was Randy […]

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