Sinulog 2010 Fuente Osmeña Displays

Here are some photos of this year’s Fuente Osmeña Sinulog Displays. I’m pretty sure that I’ve already posted these pictures before. However, I couldn’t find the post when I looked for it this morning. So, here are the photos. Again. I hope they don’t disappear mysteriously this time. Hehehe.

Penshoppe Sinulog 2010 Display

The Bambi Oil display in front of the Fuente Clock.

Not a real horse. Hehehe

Bambi joins Sinulog 2010!

The St. Cecilia’s College display in front of Robinson’s Place Cebu

Viva Sto. Niño!

They’re clearly against pollution and other environmental issues.

The Penshoppe 2010 display. Looking nice.

Pretty nice design this year. Not my favorite, though. 🙂

Photos of displays from previous years.

Snr. Sto. Niño

Side view

Balaang Bata

Pit Señor!

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  1. wooowww updated kami even dle kami maka.attend intawon sa cnulog haaayyy…iapil baya mig syaget dha ley ha? aaheheheh sinulog nisyaget kog kusog!!! pit senyor kanako kini hehehehe..pit senyor mga bisdaks mwahhhh 🙂

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