Pasko Sa Sugbo 2009

Last Tuesday, December 1, a short program was held at the Fuente circle to officially start the Pasko sa Sugbo 2009 celebrations and to light the 2009 giant Christmas Tree. Present during the event were Cebu City Vice Mayor Mike Rama, Michel Lhuillier of M Lhuillier and other city officials. The multi-awarded Lumad Basakanon was also there to perform one of their award-winning routines. Here are some shots of the Fuente Osmeña circle during the event.


Merry Christmas, everyone!

The Pasko Sa Sugbo 2009 stage.

The nativity. Very nice.

Giant Christmas Tree sponsor – M Lhuillier


Guitarista! Hehehe.

The 2009 Christmas Tree. Sorry for the picture quality.

Another angle.

In case you forgot, this was  how the 2008 Christmas tree looked like.

Maayong Pasko!