National Shrine of St. Joseph

The island of Cebu, being the seat of Christianity in the Philippines (and in Asia for that matter), is filled with age-old churches. Most of these churches are so old that some of them are even older than the country’s oldest streets. And what makes these churches more interesting is the fact that they all look gorgeous.

Today, I decided to take some photos of a very beautiful church in the city of Mandaue. The church, which stands right beside Saint Joseph’s Academy and Mandaue’s most important government building, is located right in the heart of Mandaue City.


St. Joseph Church in Mandaue City.

Saint Joseph Church by you.

Facade of the church. The church looks really nice.

Saint Joseph Church by you.

Prior to this visit, I didn’t know that the church was a national shrine.

Saint Joseph Church by you.

Joseph Sponsus Mariae

Saint Joseph Church by you.

The National Shrine of St. Joseph

Saint Joseph Church by you.

Doors at the side of the church.

Saint Joseph Church by you.

Statue of Jesus Christ outside the church.

Saint Joseph Church by you.

Church interior. It looks gorgeous.

Saint Joseph Church by you.

There was a wedding when I visited the church. That explains the flower you see in this photo.

Saint Joseph Church by you.

The main altar with the statue of St. Joseph and the child Jesus.

Saint Joseph Church by you.

18 thoughts on “National Shrine of St. Joseph

  1. ley, this brings back memories…. i graduated HS in St. Joseph’ Academy! i used to tambay all over mandaue city though we lived in mabolo that time before… thanks

  2. lei, nasunog baya na ang church years years ago including the SJA and the market behind the school, college na ta ato. it was a sad day at Mandaue coz it happened days before fiesta sa city and so all the acitivities then was like a funding program to restore the church and the school. that’s the reason why nausab ang school and the church too, it was all together renovated.

  3. @Masil. I’m sorry to hear about this. They did a very good job in restoring the church coz it looks the same to me. I used to go there almost every weekend. My lola & lolo, they had a house in Looc, also a fruit farm in Cambaro. I had a very good & happy memories there except the near-drowning incident in the sea. 🙂 Have a good day!

  4. wala pa jud kaha ko ka sulod diha ley….
    karon pa sad ko kabalo nga national shrine sad d i na st joseph…
    duha na ang national shrine sa cebu kay ang lapu2x pod… bag ohay lang national shrine…
    thanks for sharing ley…. nice au sulod sa church..

  5. @st.joseph statue james: It’s is near Jollibee Centro, Mandaue also near the Mandaue City, City Hall, a few meters away from Mandaue City Sports Complex, a walking distance from Mandaue City Central School…basta it is in the heart of Mandaue City.
    Center of every buildings. Just asked someone where is “Saint Jo” and they will directly know where the Church is…
    Yes it is such a lovely church and I was in Grade three when the church got burned I remember attending the mass in a make-shift tent that time and still there were lots of people attending the mass…
    I really love this Church… I would always tell that if am gonna be married, I want to be married in this Church. 🙂 <3

  6. its reminds me of my childhood days….right after class…together with my barkadas ara daun mi after pray tambay2 kadyot sa park2 sa church tuona before it was renovated my park man ug small lagoon dinha..haist…wish i can go back i
    n that time..

  7. Hi hello.. ask ko lang what’s the weekday schedule mass of st joseph church in mandaue?

    Hope for your reply.

    Ps your pictures looks great! I guess you’re using a DSLR camera.

  8. St Joseph Church is really beautiful.. Reminds me when I was still in highschool, i used to pass by and pray in here

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