Prayer of the Faithful


Each year, during the Sinulog Season in Cebu, novena masses are held for nine days at the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño. Despite the number of services held each day (masses are held every 1.5 hours starting at 7 am,) the Basilica is always filled to the rafters with devotees and pilgrims.

Usually, I don’t get to attend these special masses because of work. This year, however, due to some issues at work, I was able to attend around five. Here are some photos I took during these novena masses. I hope you enjoy them. And Pit Senyor, everyone! 🙂


Reconstruction/repair of the Basilica’s belfry is ongoing. The belfry was destroyed by the strong 7.1M earthquake last 2013.

These novena masses are usually concelebrated by numerous priest from various parts of the province and even the country.

This young devotee has found something to keep himself busy.

This devotee raises his Niño near the end of the service.

Devotees are blessed at the end of each novena mass.

Facade of the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño.

A usual scene during the Sinulog Season, devotees can be seen carrying their life-sized Niños to church.

Processional rites at the start of the novena mass.

Devotees raise their Niño during the singing of the gozos.

Devotees wave their hands while singing Batobalani sa Gugma.

Foreign priests also concelebrate these novena masses.

Scene outside the Basilica: Surrounding roads are closed and streets are filled with buntings.

Each year, days before the fiesta, the image of the Santo Niño and Cebu’s patroness Our Lady of Guadalupe are taken to the St. Joseph Shrine in Mandaue City.

The images are kept there for one night before they are taken back to the Basilica via the Fluvial procession.

Image of Sr. Santo Niño de Cebu.

Devotees waiting for their turn to pay homage to the images.

Close up shot of Sr. Santo Niño de Cebu.

The two images being displayed near the main altar of the church.

Our Lady of Guadalupe of Cebu

Cebu’s Holy Child – Señor Santo Niño

Viva! Pit Senyor!

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