Hello Again, Moalboal!


Next on our list was Moalboal. Moalboal is famous for its white-sand beaches and dive spots. When we reached Basdaku in Baranggay Saavedra, Moalboal, we got two rooms worth Php700 each and we set up 3 tents at the beach! Woohoo! After dinner, we made a bonfire at the beach and we chatted and drank and laughed so hard. It was really fun!

Plan an overnight trip to Moalboal now!


Bangka at the beach. Lovely lovely sight.

Another bangka.

Yet another bangka. Really awesome.

Foreign kids enjoying the beach.

Beach umbrella and plastic boat.


A dog under our van. Hehehe.

Moalboal shirts for sale!

CLICK on the pic for larger view: Panorama shot trick. hehehe.

Erin enjoying the white sand.


Boy walking his dog.

Sean enjoying the water.

More foreign kids.

A dude jogging up and down the beach.

Divers on their way to Pescador Island.

White sand! Yey!

Enjoying ‘Survivor: Panama’ at the beach! Woohoo!

Beautiful sunset.

Then, we went to the Poblacion (town center) for dinner. Kay wala mi baon. Hehehe.

Busog na ni Yum ug Uzi. LOL.

Gikuwangan pa si Ivan. Hahaha.


Kawasan Falls, Finally!
Can't Get Enough Of Barili

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