Argao Public Cemetery


For some strange reasons, Line wanted to check out the cemetery near the Mahayahay beach in Argao. She’s been talking about shooting cemeteries eversince she got her camera. So, after wishing Pikoy the best of luck with his painting, we left Mahayahay beach and had a tricycle driver agree to take us to the cemetery for a quick photo op and then straight to Chitang’s Torta to buy Argao’s famous torta and up the main road where we could wait for a bus to the city. A kind driver agreed to do all these for fifty pesos. And he became an instant tour guide pa gyud. Sulit! Hahahaha.


The cemetery is very well-planned and smooth. Everything seems to be in their proper places. Very nice cemetery they got!


That’s the main chapel.

These are some of the bone chambers.

More tombs. The cemetery is sitting next to the beach – like most cemeteries in the province. It is very clean.

Some of the very old ‘nitsos’.

Our tricycle driver-slash-tour guide.

Burial jars.








In Love With Argao

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