The Cebuano Worker: All In A Day’s Work

Hey guys! I was supposed to move around today and just see what I could shoot and feature. But it rained the whole day so I just stayed home. Anyways, I thought that my weekend won’t be complete if I didn’t post anything. So, I just put together these photos of people doing what they do every day. I’m calling it ‘All In A Day’s Work’. That’s also the title of a Reader’s Digest jokes page. A personal fave.

Hanging the laundry – Argao, Cebu

Ice cream at the beach – Talisay City, Cebu

Mr. Frame Man – Guadalupe, Cebu City

Slicing away – Samboan, Cebu

In Yaya’s care – Talisay City, Cebu

Dirt Haters – SRP, Cebu City

Game of Chance – Sibonga, Cebu

Money in junk – Lahug, Cebu City

Magic man – Lapu Lapu City, Cebu

Cross weavers – Lapu Lapu City, Cebu

Down the tricycle lane – Argao, Cebu

Boat hand – Argao, Cebu

Fish together – Argao, Cebu

Ready to fish – Argao, Cebu

Bubbly labor – Guadalupe, Cebu City

Woodwork – Balamban, Cebu

Too deep – Argao, Cebu

Here’s to cleanliness – Urgello, Cebu City

Setting the trap – Argao, Cebu

Hope you liked this post. Which photo was your favorite?

7 thoughts on “The Cebuano Worker: All In A Day’s Work

  1. so nice pixs jud ley…not only coz we’re supposed friends. i had hopes of capturing same types a long time ago but havent really had the chance. i still feel the poignant stirrings of lost yesteryears (heheheh) somewhere in me whenever i see the likes of these. kudos!!!

  2. although i don’t write my comments regularly, i always visit your blog. your work never fails to make me smile. wonderful job!!

  3. @ jenny
    hello jen! musta na man tawn ka? p3 nya ta balik ha. hehehe

    salamat. yup. these people are very admirable.

    @inday myrna
    salamat inday myrna. for the regular visits pud. =)

    salamat sa visit and sa comment. =)

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