Sinulog Grand Parade 2012

Finally, I’ve uploaded all my photos of the Sinulog Grand Parade 2012. I would like to apologize for the long delay. I had to get my computer repaired and retrieve all the files I lost.

Anyway, the Sinulog Grand Parade is held every third Sunday of January. Every year, millions of people fill the streets of Cebu City to witness the grand parade and take part in the festivities. The parade starts at exactly nine in the morning and ends with a finale presentation and fireworks display at the Cebu City Sports Center.

Here are my photos of the parade. Hope you enjoy them.


Pit Senyor!

Val Sandiego and his wife lead the Sandiego Dance Company.

Smile for the camera!

Niño on a horse.

Taking a short break.

Mango Avenue – Sinulog Day.

Save Mother Earth!


A male bearer of the Niño posing for the camera.

The Niño on IPI’s float.

Local celebrity JR Siaboc.

Sinulog 2012!

Tri-pod not needed. Hehe.



Pretty Sinulog dancer.

This drummer looks a bit sad. Hehe.

A very beautiful Sandiego dancer. A lot of photographers were taking pictures of her.

Rooftop cheerers.

A chinese-themed contingent. Very nice.

A higante (giant) entry called ‘Kaplag.’

Grin for the camera. 😀

Pretty mermaid on a float.

Another higante entry. He kinda looks like Elvis. Hehehe.

Python man. A real scene-stealer.

Foreign visitors enjoying the parade.

One-half of a huge higante depicting a Filipino family.

Worn out but not tired.

This is obviously ex-president GMA.

The dancers of Sandiego Dance Company are really pretty.

A siokoy (merman.)

Cute kid on a float.


Awesome costume from this contingent.

Taking a picture of a college friend taking a picture of me.

Busy streets.

Mid-day break.

Not tired yet?

Put your hands up! 🙂

Awesome costume! I love this shot!


Pretty lead dancer. I think she’s been dancing for at least three years now.

Very awesome head-dress. Pretty lead dancer.

A well-made float by LBC. Cool!

Hitting two birds with one stone. 🙂

Another very pretty dancer. Her costume is amazing.

A generous serving of good vibes. 🙂

Duck for that money shot!

Hiding from the afternoon heat.

At the right moment. Floating candy wrapper! 🙂

Another gorgeous lead dancer. Awesome feathers!

Very cute kid.

This Sandiego dancer really stopped dancing to pose for my camera. Thank you! 🙂

Looking through HIS eyes. Literally.

Street acrobats.

Excellent job, kids!

Walking Niño!

Smile! 🙂

Quick fix!

After more than four hours of dancing, this lady is still smiling. Wow!

Awesome out-of-town contingent.

Beautiful smile!

Chit-chatting during one of the breaks.

The costume is mind-blowing! Pretty lead dancer!

I was able to take a lot of photos of  Mr. Ogie Alcasid on MLhuillier’s float. Mr. Alcasid is currently very popular because of a funny character he portrays on his weekly gag show Bubble Gang. The name of his character is Boy Pick Up.

The people loved him!

A woman and her kids call out to Mr. Alcasid.

Smile! 🙂

This guy in black is obviously very happy to see him. Hehe.

Young ladies taking photos of Boy Pick-UP/Ogie.

“Hello, Ogie!” shouted this lady in red.


They’re happy to see him, as well!

Adults and young kids alike were so glad to see him.


Ogie as Boy Pick-Up!

And the crowd went crazy!

Love to see their smiles.

Immediately after the parade, Mr. Alcasid twitted about his experience. I sent him this photo. He thanked me for the photo and he immediately retwitted it. The photo was eventually posted on his official FB page. 🙂

Governor Gwen Garcia during the finale.

Grand fireworks display at the end of the show.

Pit Senyor!

See you next year, guys!

31 thoughts on “Sinulog Grand Parade 2012

  1. At last for almost a week we’ve been waiting for this bai Ley to upload!!!The Sinulog Grand Parade…i really miss this part!!!since i went to abroad last 2007…year 2009 and 2010 sinulog nakauli jud ko!this year,and 2011 sinulog…i tried my best to go home but sadly i cannot…but the last two sinulog that i attended is not worthy enough beacause a day before the grand parade dugay ko makauli…cguro around 3 to 4 am na!gikan pa nagsuroy2x sa Mango with my classmates in college!!!well at least nka apil ko sa sinulog coundown!!!pro mao dugay mka mata sa sinulog event…mao hapon na mka suroy!!!hope nxt time if mka attend ko sa sinulog puhon i will tried my best to wake up early!!!heheh.thank you sa pics bai ley!more power to your blog!!!God bless…

  2. Great pictures bai!! Glad you mixed in pictures of the crowd. I feel that a big part of Sinulog is the crazy crowd. It’s not Sinulog if you aren’t feeling like sardines in a can. ^^

  3. I’m a fan. I’ve been a lurker since you started your blog. Karon pa ko ni post. Bisdak pod ko. Bilib gyud ko nimo. Salamat gyud sa tanan sa imong mga kahago sa pagkuha og pag share aning mga pictures. God bless you, Ley!

  4. oh my.. that’s me in green shirt holding the camera up.. my friend’s niece shared this to me only today… ikaw jud…

  5. i always visit your blog. bilib gyd ko imong mga post ley…thank you for posting these made me more proud to be a Cebuano..keep up the good work and more posts to pit senyor..:)

  6. Salamat sa pag post Ley, I was waiting for these! Great pics as usual, Ley! Still hoping to see Sinulog again one of these days puhon and take a pic of you for a change 🙂

  7. hi, i’m just wondering why lately you have no updates in your blog. I am a loyal follower of this blog, in fact this has inspired me to create my own. Your entries have served as my references as I wander through Cebu. 🙂 🙂

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