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Last Saturday, I visited nine towns in the southern end of Cebu. Actually, I wasn’t alone. I was with Sir Jay, a resident of Makati City. He wanted to visit the Southern towns of Cebu and take pictures of its age-old churches. And since it was his first time, he asked me to join him. Wanting to do something exciting and different and knowing that he too uses a Nikon camera, I said yes right away. (Hopefull he’d teach me a few tricks. Hehehe.)

First on the list is the charming city of Carcar. If you’ve been following this blog, you’d know that I’d made numerous posts about this beautiful city in the past. What’s amazing about Carcar, however, is that it is so full of life and history that there is always something new to blog about.


Carcar City’s Balay Na Tisa

One of the most commanding structures in the whole of Carcar is the age-old church of St. Catherine of Alexandria.

The huge front door of the gorgeous church.

Even without the label, you’d know that this is San Pedro because of the rooster. 🙂

Statue of St. Pablo outside the church.

Church interior featuring intricate artwork and design.

The ‘right wing’ of the church.

Huge colored windows keeping the interior bright.

Sitting right beside the church is the equally-stunning convent.

Directly in front of the convent, a small park with a statue of St. Catherine of Alexandria can be seen.

The perimeter of the small park is ‘guarded’ by numerous naughty angels. Hehe.

Of course, there’s the Carcar City museum. Harry and I went in the last time we were here.

This is the famous ‘Green House’ which can be seen along the South National Highway.

One of the many heritage structures in Carcar. This one even has a marker from NHI.

Another gorgeous house just a few meters off the main road. Lovely.

Now this one is my favorite. Very neat!

Probably the most popular and most-visited heritage structure in Carcar (after the town church,) is the Balay Na Tisa.

It became a heritage house in 2009.

Satchmo wasn’t around and I was more than willing to take his place. Haha. 🙂

Visit Carcar now! 🙂


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  1. Kudos to the Carcaranons, they have done a marvelous job of preserving their heritage. Congratulations to those who had the foresight to do so for the town of Carcar.
    My paternal grandparents used to have this old 2-story house with wide plank shiny wood floors and capiz inlaid window panes that I used to push when I was a kid-lol-to the horror of my parents since they are irreplaceable once you poke at them. Underneath those shutters that you push to the sides are nicely carved wooden spindles holding the windows that I used to put my head in between-there were times I was stuck in them-lol. I could only picture it in my mind since it is gone and replaced by a modern house. Thank you for a glimpse of that style that I loved when I was growing up.

  2. thank goodness they preserved the heritage houses, seldom we see those houses nowadays. what a beautiful place! thanks for sharing this one, ley.

  3. Mate, I really enjoy your pictures! Hope I can visit all those places. You’re doing a very good job showing these lovely tourist destinations. Cheers!

  4. hi, i have been a ghost viewer of this site for sometime and its my first time to comment. good job for posting wonderful sites in cebu. if plans will pursue, i want to retire and settle down there. i have been living 32 years of my life here in manila and i want new and fresh scenery of our own country. kudos and keep it up! more posts soon….

  5. hey ley~ that’s my hometown you’re tallking about! u captured wonderful pics again! great job! hopefully ma-visit ni nako ang naa sa imong pictures this year. i really miss carcar! sos! ang ampao ug chicharon intawn….(drooling)!

    pao-pao-pao…charon-charon-charon… (singgit sa tindiro sulod sa ceres bus)
    hahaha (*o*)

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