We Love Cebu!

First of all, I’d like to congratulate Islands Souvenirs for hitting the jackpot with their I Heart Cebu shirts. The shirts are selling like hotcakes.

Anyways, back to the real reason why I’m blogging about it. Hehehe. Well, a few weeks ago, Island Souvenir’s Facebook page started a small contest. They asked FB users to upload photos of themselves wearing the shirt. The person whose photo gets the most number of ‘Likes’ will be featured in one of their ads. And so, with Harry’s permission, I uploaded his photo. The photo failed to get the most number of Likes, however. Hahahaha. Nevertheless, it was included in IS’s poster.


They all Heart Cebu.

There he is! There’s Harry! Hahahaha. I took that shot. LOL. On top is the photo of another good friend, Johnnex. 🙂

And well, yeah. We were also there. Hahahaha. That’s me and Jarenz, Redjie, James, and (again) Harry in Bantayan. Woot!

Here’s the original shot of Harry’s photo. We shot this in Bantayan Church.

This one was shot in Sugar Beach by a blue-eyed tourist. Hehehe.

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