New Mooon: Dining at Mooon Cafe


Here are some photos of the all-new Mooon Cafe in Andres Abellana in Baranggay Guadalupe. The restaurant has been around for some time. However, the place was never advertised until recently [when it opened under a new manager (and owner?)] The restaurant is actually an old ancestral house in a quite street in Andres Abellana. The interior underwent serious repairs and now, the entire place looks fabulous! The restaurant serves Mexican food [lunch and dinner].


All photos by Erma Line of Gastronomic Adventures. Read her review of the restaurant here.


The new Mooon Cafe

Friendly waiters

Interior design

A nice painting

Interior. Cool!

I see some Koreans. Hehehe.

My frozen Iced Tea [with Satchmo. LOL]

Line’s Plain Daiquiri

Satchmo gets to taste first

Black Forest

Magic Cake. Love this cake!

Choco cake

Bacon and Mushroom Pizza

Jen’s Tuna Belly

Line’s Mooon Steak

My Mexican Baby Back Ribs

Vet’s Chimichanga

15 thoughts on “New Mooon: Dining at Mooon Cafe

  1. Sus, kalami tan-awon sa mga pag-kaon, I’m starving! Just woke-up on my day-off….. mag-ala-una na diri sa Gardendale, AL…… getting really hungry……

  2. @ takdol – i think naay extra O to represent the different phases of the moon. tan-awa ilang logo sa first pic – full moon dayun half dayon [ambot unsay name anang walay moon makita. hehehe]

    @ JeAn – ang prices nila kay kinda mahal. mga 100 + ang food. kanang akong baby back ribs 160 man tingali na. hehehehe. ang chimichanga ang cheapest diha nga food… 75 pesos.

  3. Dong Ley, sa tanang gi-post ninyo ni Inday Line nga restos though simple, kani ang dunay very enticing ambience and novel for me….magbeeline ko from the airport padulong aning new mooon when I go home puhon.

    Maayo ang pagka-arrange sa food on the dishes….not heaped up….artistic gamay…feeds not only the palate but the eyes too….Itadakimasu gyud ni Inday Line.

    Ley, kanang walay makitang buwan, di ba mao na ang new moon??? Correct me if I’m wrong anyone!

  4. Nice resto, nice place, nice people, yummy food.

    Satch can i have a sip w/ur iced tea. Magic cake? What’s make it magic? Anyway watch on it Ley?

    I like what u order Ley, gutomon man sadta ani da.

  5. mooon the name — if i’m not mistaken the three Os represent the original 3 partners/owners sa resto… i guess the new owners decided to take on the original name lang pud…

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