Irrelevant and Forgotten

In 2006, the blogging world was an exciting realm of uncharted territory. Facebook was still basically new to the game and the concept of the power of online influence was just budding. While people were still just relying solely on the dailies to stay updated, I embarked on my blogging journey. Driven by this desire to share my thoughts, experiences, and love for Cebu, I went on a ‘trip’ that honestly had an unknown destination.

The early days of My Cebu Photo Blog were filled with uncertainty and self-doubt. Would anyone be interested? Would I have anything interesting to say? Would people even look my way?

I didn’t know the answer to these questions. But I didn’t stop. Instead, I poured my heart and soul into MCPB.

As the years passed, I gradually noticed this change. People began to engage with my blogs, oftentimes also sharing their own thoughts and experiences in relation to what I had written. And this fueled my passion even more. The more comments I received, the more motivated I was to continue writing.

But even as my blog grew, I couldn’t help but worry. In a very fast-paced world where trends change in the blink of an eye, it is very easy to become forgotten and irrelevant.

So how exactly can I stay relevant? How do I keep people entertained? How do I keep these new-found friends close?

The answer, I discovered, was fairly simple. People came for what they saw. They came for what I said and did. They came for what they felt. And they will stay for the exact same reasons.

I discovered that instead of keeping up with the trends, all I had to do what stay true to my own unique perspective. And that by writing from my heart and sharing my authentic self, I was able to connect with my readers on a deeper level.

This year, as I reflect on my 17 long years in the blogging world, I am filled with nothing but gratitude for the countless individuals who have supported me in my journey. Their trust, support, and belief in my work has given me the strength to keep pushing despite the changes that came my way.

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Earlier this month, I learned that I was a finalist in the Best Cebu Photo Blogger category. While unexpected, the recognition is a humbling reminder that my work has not gone unnoticed. That despite how I have changed as a person, with all my heartaches, successes, lossess, and triumphs, people still listen. They’re still there.

Truly, nothing can equal the power of connection and the enduring value of authenticity.

As I move forward,  I am extremely excited to continue sharing my stories and perspectives with the world. I know that the blogosphere is continually evolving, but I am not even worried. I may not be well-known and famous, but I know that that I will not be irrelevant and forgotten.

As long as a reader (or two) would still be there to listen to what I have to say, that is more than enough.

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4 thoughts on “Irrelevant and Forgotten

  1. I love your blog. It’s very helpful specially when I first visited Cebu last year. Also a blogger here and I sometimes feel that blogging is outdated — but I still find it useful, easy to search for articles and a good way to keep travel journal.

    Let’s keep blogging!

  2. I much prefer blogs to posts on the big social media apps. Time goes by so fast, and I didn’t realize you had been blogging this long, or I had been reading this long. Keep up the good work!

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