Mandaue City Upclose

I went to Mandaue City today for an important appointment. I visit Mandaue City regularly but I never really pass by the area near the City Hall. So, I decided to grab the opportunity to shoot today and drop by the St. Joseph (I haven’t been there since I was in grade school) and check out the nearby plaza and the city hall, as well. (Luckily, Lacey -my camera- was with me.)

It was actually my first time to see uplcose the Mandaue City Hall.  The building looks really neat and nice. I’ve seen ‘it on TV a couple of times and I must say that it looks much better in person. Hehehe.


The Mandaue City Hall. It looks like a building somewhere in Europe. Hehehe. Nice!

Mandaue City by you.

Main doors of the Mandaue City Hall. Neat!

Mandaue City by you.

Mandaue Presidencia

Mandaue City by you.

It’s always nice to see some plants and trees near nice looking buildings. If this were a business establishment, a small cafe would be perfect in that spot. Hehehe.

Mandaue City by you.

The street that separates the city hall and the St. Joseph Church.

Mandaue City by you.

Statue of Justice Sotero Cabahug. That part with blue tiles is supposed to be cascading waterfalls. Hehehe.

Mandaue City by you.

Side view of the statue and the waterfalls.

Mandaue City by you.

St. Joseph’s Academy and Jollibee! 😀

Mandaue City by you.

A small park in front of the city hall.

Mandaue City by you.

Benches near the sidewalk. Neat!

Mandaue City by you.

Statue of Mayor Alejandro Seno Fortuna.

Mandaue City by you.

An open stage/activity center called Rizal-Bonifacio Memorial.

Mandaue City by you.

What do you think of Mandaue City’s City hall and plaza?

27 thoughts on “Mandaue City Upclose

  1. Definitely, this brings back good memories. Mandaue City is a beautiful small community with friendly people. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to drop by there when I visited Cebu.:( Thanks to a job well done, Ley.

  2. oh ya the rizal-bonifacio mem stage…. wow, naa lang gihapon… jollibee was not there before across the street was a historic huge house/bldg w/several small stores and acrross from it at the side of SJA was a gas station padulong na towards the mercado… hehehehe…. ley salamat kaayo

  3. my home place!!!! and SJA, that’s my alma mater and that jollibee across it; the city hall where my father work up to now, and the Shrine of St. Joseph where i used to standby while maghuwat sa service vehicle namo sa school hehehhe it brings back good memories and thanks to you lei, gimingaw ko diri ug samot! = ( LOL

  4. never realized up till this posting that i have not visited nor did a close look at mandaue city hall and the church. i do not know who to blame but me, the fact that one of my property is not even far from these 2 sites-tho i only lived there shortly also. thanks for these beautiful shots, Ley-you are right, the building’s outlook is clean and tidy hope the inside mirror just like the outside as also the entire workforce. i will try seeing them in my next visit, enshallaaaaaaaaaa.

  5. yah leyland, thanks a lot for featuring mandaue city, it is very nice to see and check mndaue is back in old state. i like all this photos you’ve shoot..

  6. oh pgka nindot*MANDAUE gayod !actually all these places u’ve post leaves some soft spot to us MANDAUEHANON,salamat for posting-LEYLAND.btw,we have a very competent MAYOR JONAS CORTES to take care of MANDAUE,with no more tainted anomalies 😉

  7. Believe it or not Ley I almost asked your permission to use the 1st picture in my weekly contest a week ago. Hehehe… kelan kaya yung pictures ng Camotes? Antay ko pa rin yun ha.

    Btw, I announced na the winners in my blog today. Siyepmpre andun ka. Thank you again for funticipating. 😀

  8. Is there any work here in MAndaue cebu, Like computer TEch, Encoder, Networking, software developer or be in Internet cafe.. I need that work PLs contect mehhh



  9. I miss this place mandaue City because I was working here before at the Hall of Justice MTCC Branch 2 when I was there, I love this place. But sad to think that I’m here in the USA now, but sometimes i will go visit again in this place…

  10. Very vivid pictures…feel a little bit sad. Stayed in Mandaue for three years as a salesman (heavy equipments)and I enjoyed every day of it. Someday, I can go back with my wife and show her how I was able to cope with the loneliness, the plaza, the afternoon carinderia near the market, jollibee, the municipal building and especially St. Joseph’s church.Thank you very much!

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