Fluvial Procession: Santo Niño’s Fleet

Wow! What a truly moving experience. The fluvial parade of the Niño and the Our Lady of Guadalupe back to the city was once again very well-attended. Hundreds of boats and sea vessels accompanied THEM on their way back home. Here are some shots of the noteworthy sights during the fluvial parade.


A proud bearer of an image of the Holy Child

Waiting for the Niño’s fleet

Get the drums up here!

Pit Senyor!

Everything set?

Tools of the trade (Badjao Coin Divers)

Arte gyud si Manong. Hehehe

Manny Pacquiao? Hehe


Look! Here it comes!

Coast Guard

There THEY are!

Priests waving and clapping at the waving devotees


The first few boats

Waaaah! Kadaghan nila! Hehehe

Complete with costume ni sila. Hehe

Sikit kaayo ang bangka sa barko. Kuyawan sad ta. Hehe

Ug nisayaw na si Manong

Usa sa nikuyog sa parade

Boatload of foreigners


For the Niño

Natagak nang gaputi. Hehehe. Pero maayo siya mulangoy. LOL

Photographer shooting our ‘Dancing Manong’

Kano giving Dancing Manong the thumbs up.

Gang of photogs

Mga baligya sa kilid2x sa pier

7 thoughts on “Fluvial Procession: Santo Niño’s Fleet

  1. I wonder why Cebuanos call this procession as fluvial procession or parade. Fluvial refers to something relating to a river or stream. Thus, the fluvial processions in Bulacan and Bicol are held on rivers, where riparian viewers can see the parade. Since Cebu has no deep navigable river, naturally, it cannot hold a proper fluvial procession. The alternative is the sea. if so, the proper term should probably be Marine Procession (which sounds like war) like Naval Procession or Wet Procession (which sounds mundane when paired with Wild) or Prosesyon sa Dagat or Dagatnong Prosesyon (which are local). How about La Naval de Sto. Nino as our equivalent of La Naval de Manila, and sounds historical. Or shall we continue using the term fluvial procession and give it a new meaning which is procession on any body of water.

  2. i think the term ‘fluvial procession’ is used because the mactan channel is basically ‘a big river’ which cuts cebu in two (since mactan is also part of cebu) hehehe. i don’t know. IMO lang. hehe

  3. kahinumdum lang ko sauna nga mag atang jud me didto sa ibabaw sa mactan bridge para motan aw sa fluvial parade. maski daghan kaayo taw, suot- suot jud me aron makapwesto og makakita og tarong. kadlawon pa gani daghan na kaayo mga taw mag atang. i miss cebu!

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