Sinulog 08 Update 3

Jesus As A Child In Art | Exhibit of Different Images of the Niño

Different images of the Sr. Sto. Niño are currently on display at the Art Center of SM City Cebu. The exhibit is called “Contemplating the Face of Jesus as a Child in Art”. More Nino images can found at the Ayala Exhibit. Check them out!

 I forgot the exact names of the images. Hope you guys could help me. Thanks. =)


I like this shot. The Niño looks really cute here.

SM City Cebu Art Center

Contemplating The Face Of Jesus As A Child In Art

WIth a skirt. hehehe.

I think this is the Holy Child of Carpenters?

Holy Child of the Innocents

The Captain-General of the Philippines

Dancing Holy Child

Really expensive head-dress and outfit.

I wasn’t able to get the name of this one. Cute!

The Sleeping Niño

This one looks really royal.

Niño of workers/laborers.

Niño with angels

Niño with bird and fruits

Niño in HIS throne

The Good Shepherd

The Child King

Niño of Fisherfolks

Sleeping Niño

Niño carrying a cross

Niño on a donkey. Hehehe. Cute!

Niño in his royal bed

Can’t sleep. Hehehe.

Niño of good fortune (?)

NIño in a glass

Black Niño


Look at that dress/outfit. Very cool design.

Two Niños in one. Hehehe.

Similar to the image at the Basilica

Visit the Exhibit now!

8 thoughts on “Sinulog 08 Update 3

  1. The endeavor rendered inorder to capture the different images of Sto. Nino through photography, readily imparts to the non-believers the reason why the Holy Infant Child Jesus is always in the hearts of the believers, cradled, embraced, and propagated the true essence of christianity in Cebu, and in the Philippines.

  2. holy child of the scholars ang the one before the sleeping child and of the church “iglesia” ang after it. that’s what i remember hik! lei! kita ra duha magkuyog sa procession, milay will just follow…

  3. I went there on the 13th and blogged about it but I was not able to put in as many pictures since my photography skills suck. I went again yesterday 20th and I think they added 1or 2 niños, I can only remember one (Chinese Holy Child). BTW nice pics, good quality, I have about 30-36 pics there but non can compare to yours and I was glad I didn’t post those heheehe.

  4. hi, delby!

    How are you doing? Remember me? Im your long lost friend who used to work in CCBPI-Cebu.I missed the days when you were with us doing a lot of things both operational and kantahan/inuman blues hahahaha.

    Love to hear from you soon..


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