Conquering Dalaguete Town’s Barangay Mantalongon

Today, the family, together with some uncles and cousins, went up on motorbikes to a mountain barangay in Dalaguete, Cebu called Mantalongon. Mantalongon is around 90 kilometers from Cebu City and one way to get there is by driving through an awesome dirt road which traces the steep slopes of the Dalaguetnon mountains.

Mantalongon, which is also where the famous Osmena Peak is located, is known as the Vegetable Basket of Cebu as  big chunk of the fresh produce which arrives in Cebu City are from this barangay.

Entering Mantalongon, the Vegetable Basket of Cebu

The road to Mantalongon is so dusty that by the end of your trip, your black pants would have turned gray and the area around your eyes not covered by your glasses would have produced an ugly mix of sweat and dust.

Yes, the trip was long and rocky but everything was all worth it when you’re moving at the back of the amazingly beautiful mountains of Dalaguete.

The beautiful mountains of Dalaguete and nearby towns.

The long and winding (and very dusty) road is quite scary so it is best to travel as carefully and as slowly as possible.

It’s amazing how they cut through these rocks to make roads.

After almost an hour of bumps and wiggles, we saw the first sign of clean, paved roads.

About ten meters later, we saw the arch officially welcoming us to Mantalongon!

Ten meters later, however, the road went back to ‘normal’.

Amazing forests of Mantalongon. Those trees look awesome.

We paused for a little while to see how everyone was doing. Dusty fingers, anyone?

Yes, the dust is so thick you could write a journal.

The tires all covered in white dust.

And my black pants have become gray.

Going back to Dalaguete proper after a quick break at the local market.

I can’t believe that vehicles actually move 50 kph on both directions along this small road.

We stopped by what locals called the ‘cable car’ platform. It was actually just a steel basket used to transport goods such as fresh produce to the other side of the mountain.

The ‘cable car’ from a different angle.

Wildflowers growing near the launching platform

The goods go to those two white pillars on the other mountain.

Although we’ve never really seen this one in action, I believe that this is quite a nice development.


Yep. They had to cut through this hard rock. Amazing!

MORE PHOTOS of Barangay Mantalongon:

– Road to Mantalongon / Forest


– White road home


– White road / Mountains of Dalaguete


80 thoughts on “Conquering Dalaguete Town’s Barangay Mantalongon

  1. god, i love this place. the last time i was there was 2nd yr college i think. we usually start from alegria then cross to dalaguete. the road has improved a bit pero i think gamay ra japon sya noh… wa mo nikatkat sa osmena peak?

    i hope mas monindot pa ang dalan like transcentral, and i’m sure this place will be a hit jud.

  2. yup. dako kaayog possibility musikat maayo ang mantalongon kun tarungon ang road. pero i think the appeal of mantalongon itself lies in the fact that it’s not easily accesible. sa ila pang gi-ingon – wala ka kaadto ug mantalongon kun wala ka niagi sa ilang dalan nga ngilngig. hehehe

    wala na mi nidritso sa osmena peak. next time tingali. hehe

  3. pero i think the appeal of mantalongon itself lies in the fact that it’s not easily accesible. —> i agree with u. =) let’s leave at that way.

    though better roads would benefit the veggie growers pero mo survive ra man cguro sila. hehheheh

    pero, really that place is beautiful.

  4. Wow! This reminds me of my trip last year to Catanduanes in Bicol. The road is so similar. The only difference is when you look over the cliff instead of seeing a forest, you would see the ocean. It was a long ride too, about 3-4 hours. I can imagine how your hair must have been after the trip, unless you had it covered. =)

  5. The view is awesome! I like the beautiful trees. It’s good to go there in an air-conditioned vehicle , so we can close the windows.=)

  6. Mantalongon looks like a very interesting and beautiful place, that also looks like somewhere I may want to go in the future. The view of the mountains is exquisite along with the view of the forrest, which would make the fairly long trip to the town well worth it even though you get very dusty and sweaty along the way. I have visited a place that is very similiar to Mantalongon. It was in Aruba and when we stopped the dirt and sweat was all over my face and body as well. I took my sunglasses off and my face was covered in dirt except for my eyes, and it looked funny.

  7. Hi Leyland,
    Wala paku makaanha dinhang Lugara kay gata Daanbantayan man ko, pero sa pagkakita
    ko sa mga Pictures dinha Gustong kung makaanha dinha. Labaw pa gyod kanang
    Osmena Park! kay Sikat kaayo sa Internet,
    Job well done Leyland;

          1. all the covers up to Mantolongon area are now cemented and asphalted…no more tears…going there…

  8. Very nice pics, and… thank you so much for making me homesick 🙂

    As someone who grew up in there (studied in Cebu City, but spent all vacation time in Mantalongon), I can really say that the place is great. They dont call it Little Bagiou of The South for nothing.

    I heard that the roads are much better, but as a kid, I’ve walked those dusty white roads from Mantalongon to the town proper. And yeah, it’s pretty amazing how the road was carved from those rocks. We can thank the prisoners who did hard labor for that.

    Keep it up. I’m really enjoying your photo blog of Cebu.

  9. awesome photos ley! i’ve been to mantolongon thrice but there are still a lot i haven’t seen. it’s definitely one of the places to visit again.

  10. ley,thank u so much. nice kaau ang mga views. hope to see that places soo..
    Keep up the good work!!! thanks a lot again..

  11. hello This is Joseph Besin..I am a resident in mantalongon ,so anyone outhere are interested about my place,and want to experience the climate ,& needs accomodations you can contact my mobile phone @ for inquiries….
    105,Thank you so much for the good comment about our place.

    1. tnx 4d info joseph. ive been to mantalongon many times retreat at donbosco. but i still wanna go there for vacaions. i’ll contact ur mobile if im back from manila on a training. tnx.

      1. Hi Andy! I am just wondering if you are the Andy Llenes I know from Cebu IT YOUTH way back in 1995’s. I hope you are–and we could get in touch again. I am Janette. Thanks!

      2. Hello there. As of now there’s a lot of changes specially the road , the one posted above is totally different now. I went there last month during our fiesta celebration, as we traveled it was so nice , few areas of the road is rough meaning its more comfortable to go up there. What’s more interesting the place is still cold and you can find a lot fresh vegetable.People there are also updated with the technology ” internet is available and it will not cost you much it is veryyyyy affordable and you can still use your mobile phone. Globe and smart service provider only.So whenever you have time to unwind and relax then our place is the best””Simply but enjoyable”””

        We have motorcycle for rent for you to explore the area.

        thank you for reading .Have a great day.
        Here’s my email and my number 09232528959

  12. ianne dai o dong,
    daku kayng kasayupan nga muadto kag mantalongon mag enjoy sa place nga closed vehicle nga air-con.unsaun na?mag enjoy pa ka ana nga sirado imong lawak?mag enjoy man kaha ka sa trees?manirado na nuon?unsaun nimo pagdungog sa gangis?hingus ra nimo madunggan.those trees you see sa forest reservation are giant mantalongon ra na.or so i guess.actually daghan kay ug i-enjoy ang mantalongon.naa ang christ the king,ang our lady of lourdes cave,the leaning facade of the church of san isidro, the cross on a hill halfway to osmena peak put there by the svd(i think), ang old resthouse of the cuencos ug ang osmena peak.ang osmena peak naa toy dakung cross before.but vandals took it off.kita sigurong mamisita ngadto needs to tell others nga mga bisita pd as well as the residents of mantalongon to treasure what they have.kiber ra jud sila.nanotice ninyo nga daghan kog idea sa mantalongon?kay nangaraan na musuway mog trail sa river makakita mog whole layer of pure coal.hence the coal mining of the mangguerras.anyway, i beg all of you to keep mantalongon pristine and

  13. wow i miss my home town…………the little baguio of dalaguete cebu………….my hometown is SACSAC,DALAGUETE,CEBU………but i grow up at caloocan city…….wow para na rn ako nakauwi sa dalaguete,nice blog anyway

  14. wow! nindot kau ni dri ug view samot na kung mka.saka jd ka sa osmena peak. nice kau ang view nya bugnaw pa gd kau,, ari mi nagtour sa among socio.. mao dw ni ang tawag nla nga little Baguio.. 🙂

  15. Hi ley! Gnahan au q ani imo photoblog.. Mao na agian padung osmena peak? Ley, pwd musakay a2 ilaha ‘cable car’.. Hehehe.. Nice au pero khadlok basin ad2 nata sa ubos.. Nice photo ley..

  16. Very nice photos! But you missed to take pictures of the most important elements of Mantalongon scenery – the commercial center where freshly-harvested vegetables from nearby farming villages are traded or shipped in awaiting for shipment to Cebu City. You should have taken pictures of those nice cabbage farms, bulbing green onion plots, chayote gardens, chinese cabbage farms, carrot farms interspersed with cabbages, baguio beans farms, etc. But you need to explore beyond the boundary of Mantalongon to get find those awesome farms.

    Mantalongon is fortunate enough to be given the honor of the long-time monicker, “Vegetable basket of Cebu” though its farm produce is insignificant compared to its neighboring barangays like Tabon, Langkas, Nalhub, etc. It is only incidental that the trading center is located in Mantalongon as its geographical location relative to the town center is more favorable than any other barangays.

    Id been to Mantalongon twice all in 2006. Yes, I find it absurd for local public officials of that barangay to show their political ineptness to pave just a mere 50 meters of their road as you enter the barangay from Obo.

  17. hi im rene lajos one of the heirs of mantalongon sityo lapa-lajos pamilya,
    try also visit sityo lapa of mantalongon,,see the view of lapa; the famous view is the colabyaw cave and tress marias stones.located in the lot 15655part owner of the late Gregorio lajos.

    1. Hello rene! may I know your exact location? I am also one of the apos of the Lajos-nepomuceno clan. I grew up in Lapa, Mantalongon. I spent my grade school and high school years there. I want to relate with you coz i know you’re one of my relatives.

  18. hello guys .good morning ..anyway kindly help me pls..kc pupunta na kami sa cebu this sept 19 help meron kc me guest na e-tour ..ano yung maganda club sa cebu city at sosyal but not to much mahal at mgkano? girl take out how much ?

    1. Hell0 im so sorry for the late reply but I have a lot of ideas of cebu city north and south of cebu. and cebu city , Actually there’s a lot of nice bars in the city but you have to vigilant also . you can contact me through my mobile number 09232528959 and ill give you a lot info. so that you and your visitor can enjoy the place..have great day.

  19. wow! i could fall in love with the pictures and the places you have been to! nice photography and nice subjects!! keep it up! 🙂

  20. Mantalongon is actually in Barili but can be accessed from Dalaguete. There is a huge farmer’s market every Thursday where everything from fruits, vegetables, livestock, clothes, houseware, etc. are sold. One of my lolos used to work as Barili’s municipal collector and he would issue tickets and collect fees from vendors on Thursdays 😉

    1. Hello, You know mantalongon ,dalaguete is different from Mantalongon, Barili. I know for a fact that there is barangay Mantalongon in Barili. Ours is such a unique place ever. Mantalongon dalaguete is a place beyond compare!

    1. Oh , Yes. Don’t you know that it is also known as ” Little Baguio of Cebu” ? Actually it’s a well- known place, due to its products, people, and the scenery of course.

  21. nice blog bro.. its a very long time i always reading those comments above and looking at the pictures, i am very happy because my hometown is in that location Mantalongon, Dalaguete im very proud of it.. Thanks for the blogger and those who appreciate more power and god bless continue exploring hehe..

  22. Dili na siguro madugay ang Mantalongon mahimo na gyud na vacationan ng taga city,, tungod sa kanindot scenery around and toward Mantalongon,, onta mobalik na ang mga taga bukid na nasa ibang nasod namoyo upang maka Contrbt namapanindot ang Mantalongon aron maka hakot ug mga turista ug usab maka-create a JOB and produce an exciting project to mantaloginian

  23. hello climber ug moadto gani mo pag-usab didto sa Mantalongon contct name Fred G. at 09309063173 adona siya Family Estate Property located in Mag-alambak Overlooking,, Wow you could see entire Mantalongon,Tabon,Langkas,Obo and especially Ocean gulf Of Bohol Amazing Realy, realy Awesome,

  24. Hello and Gud Day sa mga taga- mantalongon! It’s been 5 long years when I last visited my native land. I really really miss this place especially my relatives and friends. How i wish to visit mantalongon if given the chance this year. Well, i will work for it. I was so excited and happy when my cousin, yolly shared her stories about their summer vacation together with her 3 kids there. It was full of fun.
    I long to see my aunties, uncles, cousins, and even my classmates before. Miss ko na kayong lahat.
    By the way , according to ate yolly the road towards mantalongon is no longer dusty and rocky as shown in the picture. The road now is more improved and very inviting to all travelers. I think the pictures above must be updated, ok? Anyway, Mantalongon is still the best place for me, it’s awesome and peculiar . So, come and visit this place!

  25. Hello and Gud Day sa mga taga- mantalongon! It’s been 5 long years when I last visited my native land. I really really miss this place especially my relatives and friends. How i wish to visit mantalongon if given the chance this year. Well, i will work for it. I was so excited and happy when my cousin, yolly shared her stories about their summer vacation together with her 3 kids there. It was full of fun.
    I long to see my aunties, uncles, cousins, and even my classmates before. Miss ko na kayong lahat.
    By the way , according to ate yolly the road towards mantalongon is no longer dusty and rocky as shown in the picture. The road now is more improved and very inviting to all travelers. I think the pictures above must be updated, ok? Anyway, Mantalongon is still the best place for me, it’s so wonderful and peculiar . So, come and visit this place!

  26. hello, taga Mantalongon Dalaguete nga anaa namoyo sa laing Nasod imbitahan ko kamo na unta, atong himoon ang atong Bariong gigikanan, mahimong Lungsod. Anaa kita sa centro, daghan kitang mga silingan mga barios mahimo ug adonay diotay lang kamong extra Box iimvest nato dinhi sa Mantalongon. Daghan kaayong mga proiekto na mahimo lamang sa diotay lang na envestment. Sa kada usa kanato mag-himo ug project nga maka atract sa mga tourista, usab makahatag kita ug mga trabaho sa atong mga kababayan, aron kita sa kanila makatabang.

  27. Hi! people from Mantalongon, Dalaguete Adona ba kamong nakita O nadungog sa Plano na may mag-tokod ug Cottages & Hotels? What happen that plan , Please update us, wish that will happen Soon!!!

    1. i don’t want it to happen, if i were to asked, i want to keep that way,being progressive does not require tall buildings or has to be technologically invaded!

    2. Hey there — that plan maybe happen after 10 years. Actually it’s too hard to invest in that area because the accesibility of the road is not easy also the market is local customer, but if it happen that there’s a hotel then it’s advantage because We can give job in our kababayan. As of the moment the best way to do is make a mini hotel were investment is not high and maintenance is affordable.

      But if you know someone who are willing to invest in our areas I can train your people where my experience and expertise is with the hotel business I can help you with that matter.

  28. I miss my place!!! Mantalongon is really a nice place..Aside from the perfect views people in Mantalongon are so wonderful..Bisan maglakaw pa ka ug tungang gabii sa Mantalongon safe kaayo, if you will be asking help from them bisan gabii pa bisan di mo kaila andam na sila motabang magdala sa ilang sulo! If you want to experience what is really Mantalongon, spend even a night in this place and you can feel how cold it is in Mantalongon.. Life in mantalongon is so simple. People are contented & happy. If you want peace of mind stay in Mantalongon. You can’t experience pressures, no stress and no hustles. At times, foods can be for free! hehehe..Why? if you don’t have something to cook like sud-an, just call your silingan and what you can hear from them is “pagkuha lang sa among baol/uma ug imong mautan!”..Why I know these facts? Because I came from Mantalongon & I will be spending the rest of my life in MANTALONGON!!!!
    This blog was posted in 2007 pa, please do come back in Mantalongon and see the difference specially sa road from Dalaguete proper to Mantalongon, aspaltado na siya. And naa napud mga internet cafe sa Mantalongon.. 🙂

  29. my first time in mantalgon was june of 1990. i attended a youth encounter retreat at the salesian retreat house of don bosco. i was mezmerized with the place. trully its the little baguio of cebu. it’s a perfect place for a retreat. i woved to return and i did. many times. im glad the govt. widenned the road. i wish i could build a vacation house there. baguio is too far for me as a mandauehanon, so i prefer mantalongon for a cool get away. i wish they could really develop the place as a vacation spot yet maintain it’s magical effect. unlike the urbanized baguio.

  30. i read those comments above all of your comments are related to the road, well as of this year natarong na jud tawon ang among agianan thanks na spalto na dili na abog og lubaklubak.. so mga adventurist, ecplorer, mountainer, guests balik na mu sa mantalongon..(^_^)..

  31. luoya jud oi..silingan rmN ta ang dalaguete ug alcoy pero ala pjud q nkaad2 sa mantalongon…
    adventurous mn ta q dah…maybe someday 10 years later makaanha q…haha

  32. Okay kaayo nang Mantalongon. I love the place so much. I been there once lang mga 1995 pa yata yun during my college year. I want to go back there.

    donde from Samal Island, Davao del Norte

  33. Hello again- I would like to ask apology for those who tried to contact me through mobile because I’ve change my number however you can contact me through email instead. here’s my email If you are interested Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding your queries for the accomodation in Little Baguio of Cebu. I’ll answer your queries 24 hours of your email receipt.

    see yah>>>

    1. Hi….Im from Ablayan and of course im proud of our barangay ug proud sab ko sa mantalongon bisan ako ra ni ma labyan padulong amoa. It’s here where our market and church located. Wala signal sa amoa ug mantalongon jud ang center sa communication ,our needs, and most of all center of attraction… I like this place and so proud ug thanks sa nag post ani nga mga views. Honestly wa ko ma kontento sa pag sige ra tan aw ug sa akong ka proud I posted it sa akong facebook.

  34. hi bai .. mao jud ni ato bai .. ana ana lang .. but in fernesss ….. kita jud ang orig .. diva bai …. mantalongon , ok …. its my dream place to live in .. wanna know yyyyyy.. , nice place . cool place , as well as sa mga tawo .. so cool .. parang choy .. private , tabon , lapa , sampig , sto nino ,lahug , canlawilao , ablayan , maloray , katolohan , cang ibang ,caliongan ,sta. cruz , etc.. nice sitio .. im proud to say . that i have been in that kinda place . nice to be there … cristory , osmena pick .etc.. beautiful place , to spend leisure .. suite to your emo..and to your ego … i am proud to be a mantalongon breed … summer capital of cebu . and a vegetable basket of cebu .. one of the nationwide breadwinner !!!! sheila silvano …19 years of age , and i salute my place … god bless !!!

  35. Not to brag, as one of the citizen in Mantalongon, it is really nice place to unwind with your friends, families, and loved ones.. the road as of now is very good and is very accessible. And other than that you can access your internet even though it is mountaneous… Tagamtama ang kabugnaw sa lugar, kaanindot sa talan.awon og pakigkulukabildo sa mga Mantalongonanun…

    Really miss my hometown… :*

  36. Hi, planning to climb osmeña peak with my husband. Do we need a guide during trekking or can we just follow the trails by ourselves? Thanks! 🙂

  37. Friends, any idea if accomodation and places to eat is available? Would love to go there with my foreign visitors soon.

    Laing pangutana. Aside from veggies tinuod ba nga naa sab mga livestock at reasonable price?

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