MCPB - Penshoppe 2023

The 2023 Penshoppe Shrine for Santo Niño

Every year, the Sinulog celebration in Cebu is never complete without the Penshoppe Shrine for Señor Santo Niño. As a matter of fact, the temporary structure has sort of become a signal or reminder for Cebuanos – when it’s there, it’s definitely Sinulog season!

Rising every single year on the same spot (across the rotunda and fronting McDonald’s Fuente), the shrine has truly become an icon synonymous with the yearly celebration.



The short construction time (beginning usually in November) can be very challenging. However, it’s always refreshing to know that Penshoppe and its entire team have never missed the completion date of this structure.

Each year, Penshoppe comes up with a fresh design. For this year, they decided on gigantic leaves and canopies that serve as shade and protection for the image from the elements. Like a shrine deep in a lush rainforest, the shrine is intimate and quiet and surrounded by greens.

Take a look at this year’s Penshoppe Shrine at the Fuente Osmena Circle, for Senyor Santo Niño.

Penshoppe Shrine for Santo Niño

For this year, Penshoppe decided to stay away from the simple tarpaulin and go all out.

They decided to have wood, steel, and plastic/glass elements in this year’s build. And the results couldn’t be more perfect!

According to online discussion, the design is basically based on Singapore’s famous sky trees. I haven’t been there so I really could neither confirm nor deny. Hehe.

However, I want you to just take a look at that. Isn’t that just gorgeous? Again, great job, Penshoppe!

Bambi Shrine for Santo Niño

And since we’re already talking about Santo Nino shrines, let’s take a look at another Sinulog staple in the Fuente Circle area. Take a look at the shrine built by Bambi.

Like Penshoppe, Bambi has been pretty consistent when it comes to creating a unique and praise-worthy shrine for the Nino each year.

Thank you, Bambi!

The Santo Nino Shrine by Bambi currently stands at its usual spot close to the Fuente Osmena Park. The shrine stands in front of the Fuente Watchtower and faces the circle.

What do you think about Penshoppe’s (and Bambi’s) Sinulog shrine this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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