Falling for Lusno Falls


To tell you the truth, finding Ronda’s Lusno Falls wasn’t easy. Alegria’s Cambais Falls was hard, but Lusno really takes the cake.

Although Lusno Falls is located in Ronda, a lot of people that we asked on our way swore that it is in Argao. In fact, the road-side sign which tells you where to make a turn, indicates that that sign is in Argao. Pretty confusing, I must say. The only plausible explanation I could think of is that the actual waterfall is located at the very tip of the Ronda-Argao border and the access/dirt road which leads you to the waterfall is basically already part of Argao. Anyways, there is no doubt that Lusno is really part of Ronda as the spot is featured prominently in the town’s welcome arch.

Now, here are two things that you need to know about Lusno. One, it is miles away from Ronda proper. And two, a lot of (if not most) locals don’t know where Lusno is located. So, I suggest that you ask as many people as you can and hope that you meet someone who can give you the right directions.

Anyway, after more than an hour of driving through dirt roads and corniches, we finally located the road-side sign which told us to turn left and drive down a small inner road. The inner road is pretty narrow so if you drive a big car, you might have a problem. Also, the road ends right in front of a house with vegetable fields beside it. So, parking is pretty inconvenient.

So, after parking our bike in front of one of the houses in the area, we began our short trek to the waterfall.

We walked through rice fields and several cassava farms.

A few minutes later, we finally reached this small watering hole.

The two carabaos below seem to be having a swell time.

And finally, following the mesmerizing sound of water, we reached Lusno Falls.

First order of business: Pick up the trash!

According to one of the locals, this rock was once part of the wall where the current waterfall can be seen. In fact, he added that the waterfall looked different a few years ago. Its current appearance is largely due to a strong typhoon which hit Cebu a couple of years back.

The waterfall feeds this long, beautiful river which (probably) flows all the way to Argao.

Right next to the drop is a small spring where locals get their water.

We decided to climb up the waterfall to see what the view was on top.

This small drop is what feeds the main Lusno waterfall which in turn feeds the river below. Amazing, right?

View from the top. Spectacular!

Flower lovers are in for a treat. Wild flowers can be seen right next to the drops.

Swimming with a view. Of course. 🙂

Bojo enjoying his natural shower.

And Satchmo, of course.

On our trek back to our bike, we somehow got lost. Haha.

And we saw this beautiful field of tomatoes.

Beautiful, right?

After a few more minutes of trying to figure our where the original trail was, we finally saw this tower. We parked our bike near it.

Have you been to Lusno? Tell us about your experience.

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