Scenes from the 2015 Solemn Foot Procession

Every year, a day before the Sinulog Grand Parade, one very important event takes places in Cebu. Starting at 1 in the afternoon, the image of Cebu’s Holy Child Señor Santo Niño is paraded through the streets of Cebu City. Although the route is relatively short, the tail end of the parade usually reaches the Basilica after dark.

This activity is considered one of the biggest religious activities in the whole country. In fact, hours before the start of the procession, the route (and all other adjacent roads) are blocked off to accommodate the overwhelmingly huge foot traffic. And just how huge, you ask? Let’s just say “millions.” That huge.


Here are some of the scenes I managed to capture on camera last Saturday, January 17, 2015. Hope you enjoy the photos!

Rain or shine, the procession must go on.

The rain lasted only for a couple of hours. Also, the people came prepared.

This Niño in white shirt and shorts is so adorable.

Helicopter flying over the procession route.

This group situated on the top floor of the Metrobank tower waves at the passing helicopter.

View of Jones Avenue at 2 pm.

The Robinson’s skywalk is also filled with devotees and spectators.

Chopper over Robinson’s Department Store.

Crowd at around 4 pm.

I decided to wander away from the main route and take photos of the surrounding areas.

This lady is waiting in the shade for someone with her two Niños.

This group of ladies couldn’t help but scamper from a man with a pet iguana.

This young man gets a temporary tattoo from a young artist.

This ice cream vendor couldn’t seem to find a customer in this weather.

These kids discovered why rain and balloons don’t mix.

Waiting in line for a photo op at Penshoppe’s Sinulog display.

A Niño is uniform.

Afternoon barbecue date.

This vendor lugs around a cooler to keep his merchandize cold.

A young man wanders away from the thick crowd.

A balloon vendor stays under the skywalk to protect his goods.

A foreigner protects his digital camera from the rain after snapping photos of the balloon vendors.

These two kids watch in amazement as the guy with an iguana feeds his pet.

Pit Senyor, everyone!