Sinulog Grand Parade 2015

The Sinulog Festival is the biggest and the grandest festival in the Philippines. Held every third Sunday of January, the festival attracts millions of local and foreign visitors. In case you missed this year’s very colorful fiesta celebration, here are a couple of photos from the event. Pit Senyor!


ABS-CBN talents Enchong Dee, Kim Chiu, and Maja Salvador

Fans excited to see their favorite stars

Oh look! A stormtrooper!

Dancing at high noon (and keeping a smile on the whole time) must be very difficult.

Dagul and his kid.

Miss Universe-Philippines 2011 Shamcey Supsup

Twin brothers Richard and Raymond Gutierrez

Ruffa Gutierrez with brother Raymond

Gutierrez patriarch Eddie

Richard Gutierrez’s wife/girlfriend Sarah Labhati

M Lhuillier’s very colorful RIO float

The birdman poses for a photo

The peacock queen poses for the camera

Probably the most photographed contingent – Tribu Lumad Basakanon of Basak, San Nicolas

They have wonderful formations and choreography

Lumad Basakanon performing at noon at the Fuente Osmeña area

Lumad’s very charming lead dancer is one of the most photographed persons during Sinulog.

Photographers lover her because of her grace and appeal.

She also looks good with the Niño

The costume of Lumad Basakanon is also very attractive and creative

The contingent performing a wonderful routine

Lumad Basakanon lead dancer Rose Jane

The rest of the team looking wonderful while performing

Officemate Alex poses with Jay-el – the team’s male lead dancer

Rose Jane raising the image of the Holy Child

Fresh from the paint parties

Local celebrities Melai and Ogie

Shorts and tank tops – what most young people wear during the Sinulog

The grand stand at noontime

This dancer is giving it his all

The first guy has the most interesting expression.

Like, seriously. 🙂

Although the attention is always on the lead dancer, the other dancers should also be commended for doing an awesome job.

A giant grasshopper races across the stage.

Just look at how they’re all so graceful and professional. Good job, kids!

A dinosaur enters the Cebu City Sports complex.

And a Saber-tooth Tiger has decided to join him

And I must congratulate all the costume designers. The costumes look plain from afar. But upclose, they are very delicate and intricate.

This lead dancer looks great in gold and light brown.

And this one shines in gold.

One of my most favorite lead dancers was this lady from Tuburan.

She’s very graceful

And her expressions while she performs are pretty amazing.

Geckos take over the stage

Pretty young dancer. She almost looks like a doll.

And she’s pretty talented, too. Here she is doing the Pilita pose

And this young man is just the cutest

They all look really wonderful, don’t you think?

This contingent is surrounded by huge props which fill the whole stage

Another very pretty lead dancer

And she’s very graceful, too

It’s the bees’ time to shine on stage!

Oh, no! A giant mantis is about to ruin their party!

Fret not! The queen bee has the Niño!

The contingent from Placer, Masbate managed to construct a hacienda on stage for their number. Wow!

And their overall presentation is just top-notch!

Placer even sent a second contingent. The second group, competing in the Free-Interpretation category, brought a big freaking boat on stage! Amazing!

The boat was actually carrying the whole contingent. Look! No hair!

Another very pretty lead dancer.

She actually looks like Andrea Torres.

The finale included a dance presentation performed by dance groups from different universities in Cebu.

And Cebu’s biggest names in the pageant and fashion world also danced the Sinulog dance.

Pit Senyor, everyone! See you next year! 🙂