We’re Ready for Sinulog 2015!

It’s January once again. We all know what that means in Cebu. It means, traffic will be so heavy, the streets will be stuffed with endless oceans of revelers, and wherever you go, you’ll hear that one familiar beat. Your feet will be sore from all the walking, your pocket empty from all those events and tickets and bazaars and food strips, and you will realize that for three straight days, you will only have 4 good hours of sleep. But you don’t care. It’s Sinulog! You’d rather miss your own birthday than not take part in this huge, grand celebration honoring Cebu’s Holy Child. This is how you start your year right. This is Sinulog de Cebu!

Of course, we’d have to take a look first at Penshoppe’s display. For those who didn’t know, Penshoppe has been having yearly Sinulog displays for the past 10 or so years. Each year, the design of their display changes. The Penshoppe display, in fact, has become a sort of tradition among Cebuanos. The Sinulog celebration is never complete without it.

This year, their display is simple but elegant. The ‘stage’ is also pretty wide. So more people can take advantage of it for photo ops (You should see this during Sinulog day. It’s crazy!)

The major thoroughfares (especially the ones along the carousel route) now have buntings! The most prominent colors are yellow and red (the colors of Sr. Santo Niño’s cape.)

On the other side of the Fuente Circle is Bambi Cooking Oil’s little display.

Their nice display also features the colors red and yellow. In Bambi’s display, the image of the Niño, which is encased in a glass container shaped like the Magellan’s Cross kiosk, rests on the back of a giant white bird.


The 2014 Christmas Tree. According to reports, this Christmas tree is ‘typhoon-proof.’ If you look closely, you will see that the materials used are light but very durable.

Fuente Giants. The Fuente Triangle is joined by the Summit Circle tower, the fountain and the Christmas tree, and the soon-to-be-completed super-tall Horizons 101.

Beautiful Fuente. Weeks before the start of the nightly Christmas shows at the circle, a few repair works were done on the Fountain. Now, it looks really pretty and proud!

The Fuente Triangle with MetroBank Tower Plaza.

Pit Senyor, everyone!