Cube = Cebu

When SM unveiled their design for Seaside City at the South Road Properties, many people were automatically intrigued by the shape of the mall. Unlike most SM malls, the main mall at the Seaside City complex was circular. Years ago, when the SM Mall of Asia in Pasay was completed, people were quite thrilled to see a huge sphere standing right in front of the huge boxy structure. People automatically speculated that since SM was building a circular mall at the SRP, the icon in front of it wouldn’t be round. That it would either be rectangular or square. And true enough, last October 28, SM opened to the public the icon which (I feel) shall very soon become one of the most photographed spots in the whole island – The Cube.


To get to the Cube, just follow the signs. If you know how to get to the San Pedro Calungsod Church, getting to the Cube should be a breeze.

Quick snap of SM Seaside City Cebu, Isn’t she a beauty?

Mall facade facing the Mactan Channel.

And look at the ‘park’ in front of the mall. Pretty lovely. I especially like the tilework.

Plenty of room for various kinds of activities. Like flash mobs and street performances.

Pano-shot of the Cube. Click photo to enlarge.

The Cube. Doesn’t it look gorgeous?

According to official SM briefs, the Cube was created to symbolize the strength and stability of the Cebuanos.

The top selfie spot in the coming days.

I knew it!

Up close and personal. Beautiful.

And it’s facing the sea. I bet it would look amazing from the ocean.

Plant boxes and stairs facing the channel.

Amazing. It’s all about balance, consistency, and beauty.

The same from every angle.

Grand staircase to the main entrance.

I love the patterns on the pavers.

I have a feeling this will reveal a pretty picture when viewed from the air.

Pretty plant boxes. And it’s pretty obvious they’re going to include some water features.

Also love the addition of new types of palms.

And the lampposts are so modern and present.

What do you think of SM Seaside City so far?

What do you think of the Cube?

Share your thoughts. 🙂