Sinulog Sa Kabataan 2014

The Sinulog sa Kabataan (Sinulog of the Youth) is a yearly event which showcases the talent (and dedication) of young Sugbuanons. Aside from the Grand Parade, the Sinulog sa Kabataan is considered one of the most well-attended events during the whole Sinulog season.This two-day event, which is marked by street parades that culminate in a grand showdown at the Cebu City Sports Center, is made up of two parts. On the Saturday before the Sinulog weekend, teams from different cities and municipalities of Cebu compete in the Sinulog sa Kabataan sa Lalawigan (Province) contest. The following day, teams from different schools and barangays in the city compete in the Sinulog sa Kabataan sa Dakbayan (City) contest. The Top 5 winning teams for each contest will compete in the Sinulog Grand Parade the following Sunday.

This year’s Sinulog sa Kabataan is filled with so much excitement and emotion. Fresh from the many dizzying tragedies of 2013, some of the most evident themes this year include loss, community, survival, and hope.

Anyways, here are some of the photos from the two events. Hope you enjoy them.

Pit Senyor! See you at the Grand Parade!

The weather in Cebu has been quite stormy lately. The program was set to start at 2. But it’s now 2:15 and the rain doesn’t look like it’s ready to leave.

Sinulog Foundation, Inc Chair Ricky Ballesteros personally heads to the stage to signal the start of the program despite the rain.

Contingents start to arrive at the Sports Center. The street dancing was cancelled due to the rain.

But, the show must go on! Here’s one of the contestants of Sinulog Idol 2014 entertaining the crowd.

At last! A few minutes later, we can finally see the highlands of Cebu.

The ‘clean-up’ team making sure the stage is dry for the performances.

On the first day, the program was opened by the dance team from Abellana National School.

The following day, the dance team for the University of San Carlos performed a short dance before the singing of the National Anthem.

Despite the weather, the performances were top-notch. And the young dancers remained very upbeat and enthusiastic. Their energy was just mind-blowing. Watching these kids perform with all their heart almost got me tearing up a couple of times. Seriously.

This contingent presented a very striking scenario – the collapse of the belfry of the Basilica.

Easily one of the best Sinulog leads I’ve seen. This young lady was so fun to watch. Very graceful and pretty.

The contingent from Talisay City used these heartbreaking headlines from the dailies as their backdrop.

Team Talisay performing their winning routine.

A couple of minutes later, it started to rain again. I spotted these kids hiding under the platform where cameramen from various networks were standing.

Mayor Mike Rama noticed them and chatted them up for a bit.

This very wet (and obviously cold) props-kid is getting ready for the start of their team’s performance.

Their energy is just unbelievable!

The crowd had to remain standing due to the wet seats.

And some propsmen had to stand in the rain dripping wet.

Giving it their all. Amazing.

This very colorful team was very fun to watch.

Muro-amis of Alaska! Very cute kids!

The crowd cheering for their favorite teams.

No holds barred for this goose.

No rain can make them stop from doing their best.

Not minding the muddy grass, this little goblin is all smiles.

Nervous dancers just moments before their performance.

Abellana’s uniquely-dressed lead dancer.

This contingent from Don Sergio showcases the ‘money dance’ practiced in Pinoy weddings.

These pink boys are ready to dance.

Viva Pit Senyor!

Loving their beautiful costume.

Honoring the Holy Child.

This young guy noticed me and gladly smiled for my camera.

Last-minute chat between two propsmen.

Projection is key. And these guys know what they’re doing. 🙂

Team Apas has a very graceful dancer as well.

After the last performance, and before the announcement of winners, the crowd was entertained by Sinulog Idol 2013 winner Claro Maylon Jr.

Mayor Rama getting ready to hand out the trophies to the winners.



5th Place: Taytay Elementary School, Danao City
4th Place: Langtad Elementary School, Naga City
3rd Place: Ginatilan Elementary School, Ginatilan
2nd Place: Mandaue City Central School, Mandaue City
Champion: Talisay City Central School, Talisay City

High School

4th Place: Lapaz National High School, Bogo City
3rd Place: Sabang National High School, Danao City
2nd Place: Uling National High School, Naga City
Champion: Tuburan National High School, Tuburan



5th Place: Quiot Elementary School
4th Place: Tisa II Elementary School
3rd Place: Alaska Elementary School
2nd Place: Talamban Elementary School
Champion: Banilad Elementary School

Best in Costume: Banilad Elementary School
Best in Musicality: Banilad Elementary School

High School

5th Place: Ramon Duterte Night High School
4th Place: Tejero Night High School
3rd Place: Don Sergio Osmeña Sr. Memorial National High School
2nd Place: Apas National High School
Champion: Abellana National School

Best in Costume: Abellana National School
Best in Musicality: Apas National High School


The grandstand after the announcement of winners.

These kids – students of Abellana who were cheering for their team – saw me and asked for one photo. Haha. Hello!

Pit Senyor, guys!

Sinulog Festival Queen 2014
Cheriemel Diane Muego is Miss Cebu 2014

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