2007 In Photos


Wow! Another year is about to end. I wonder what the new year will be like for all of us. Hehehe.

Anyways, here’s a recap of the things that happened the whole year. Hehehehe.

Started MCPB in November and everything just went non-stop after that.

December 13 06 – Cebu’s first electronic billboard in Fuente was opened. It was really cool.

December 25 06 – I traveled to Luzon with Vet and Line.

January 14 07 – Asian leaders arrived for the grandest ASEAN Summit ever!

January 18 07 – Loise is crowned Miss Cebu 2007


January 27 07 – Went onboard M/V Doulos for the first and probably the last time.


February 4 07 – I visited Inday Myrna’s home in Luyang, Carmen.

February 18 07 – Posted an entry about the Cebu City Zoo. Got lots of comments.


March 16 07 – MCPB was nominated for 3 Categories at the Philippine Blog Awards. No wins. Bwahahahahaha.

March 18 07 – I revisited my old elementary school.

April 4 07 – Gian gave me a 3-hour trip round Mactan Island.

April 8 07 – Marvelled at the wonderful waters of Oslob

May 8 07 – Jacob visited Cebu for the first time!

May 24 07 – Buchick gave me a Flickr Pro account so that I could manage all my photos. Yay!!!! Thank you!

May 24 – I passed the Law Admission Test. Yay!

May 26 07 – Jollibee opened next door

June 4 07 – Manong Yoyoy passed away.

June 27 07 – Received a cash gift from Ma’am Ianne for my birthday! Yay!

July 2 07 – Brownie sent me and the rest of the OT guys some goodies from Australia! Yay!

July 4 07 – The CPDRC inmates invade cyberspace!!!

August 21 07 – Malu Fernandez unleashes hell in cyberspace. LOL.


August 21 07 – A hearty tour in Samboan and Ginatilan! Woohoo!

September 29 07 – I bought Lacey with the help of the very generous readers of MCPB. Woohoo!!!

October 3 07 – MCPB reached the 200K hits mark! Yay!

October 18 – Sir Gammy aka Takdol made a video of his Cebu homecoming!

October 23 – The Waway scare heightened.

October 23 – Sir Randeemags made a video of Cebu! Hehehe.

November 1 07 – MCPB was mentioned in Sunstar. Hehe.

November 10 – My PC died killing all my photos. LOL.

November 20 07 – Lando KO’d the Fuente Christmas Tree

November 27 07 – Trip to Bohol with Family. Yay!

November 29 07 – MCPB’s first birthday!

November 30 07 – SM Northwing opens with a bang!

December 19 07 – MCPB mentioned in WordPress News

December 11 07 – Goyo travels to Pinas

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To Cebu!

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