Punta Engaño in Mactan is Breathtaking

On the northern tip of of Mactan Island lies Punta Engaño – a small undisturbed fishing community far from the hustle and bustle of tourist destinations like Maribago and Marigondon. Unlike these places which boast of pearly white beaches, Punta is rocky, rugged and unpolished. The coast is mostly made up of steep rock formations and bushy beaches. However, this fact does not make Punta Engaño hugely unwanted. Not at all! Instead, it is what makes it stand out from the rest. Punta Engaño is the last stretch of ‘pure paradise’, I’d like to call it.

I know these photos won’t give justice to the real beauty of Punta Engaño. However, I hope that you get the idea. Because I was there. And I loved it!

The breathtaking coast of Punta Engaño.

Fishing boats and rocky beaches. What an awesome view.

Gian trying to conquer these rocks. Foreshadowing of his future interests, perhaps?

The rocky beaches make Punta a truly unique swimming destination.

Gian explaining the importance of the rocks. I wasn’t paying attention. Haha!

No photo-ops are complete without Satchmo posing for some shots.

A couple of friendly goats trying to get as close as possible.

According to one of the locals we saw in the area, this is what remains of a ‘fish farm.’

A cute green boat docked for the day in Punta Engano.

The dirt road which leads to some of the few houses in the area.

The Hilton Towers are visible from the beach here.

A little tree and a nice-looking lantay underneath it. Imagine spending a long breezy late afternoon here!

Gian trying his hand at animal husbandry.

Satchmo posing for another photo.