Sinulog 2016 Street Displays

One of the many things that make the Sinulog season in Cebu even more exciting is the participation of various establishments and private companies in the city’s numerous Sinulog activities and programs. Each year, private companies are encouraged to take part in the festivities by setting up displays in various parts of the city that honor the Señor Santo Niño. Here are some of this year’s awesome Sinulog street displays.

Once again, Bambi Cooking Oil occupied this spot fronting the Fuente clock.

Closer shot of Bambi’s Sinulog display.

Another Sinulog regular is Penshoppe. Penshoppe is a home-grown brand that has become huge in the capital. Each year, Penshoppe builds a beautiful Sinulog display in front of Dunkin Donuts and McDonalds.

Day shot of Penshoppe’s Sinulog display.

Metrobank has also decided to build their own display. This one stands right in front of their parking area gate. Their displays looks really beautiful, I must say.

Some of the Sinulog’s other regular display participants include Metro Gaisano, PLDT, and Cupsi Center for Women’s Health, Inc.

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  1. The streets of Cebu really take on a new life when festivities like the Sinulog come. Thank you for highlighting them for us and sharing them with the world. You are a purveyor of the Good News. You have taken on a great role. Keep on!

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